Our Nintendo E3 Predictions

Less Me, More Wii, and U.


Sherry is back with more clairvoyance, this time he’s lent his ESP and is attempting to read the most unreadable of companies…


So, the final press conference of E3 see’s Nintendo and Square Enix go head to head in the same time slot – granted, Nintendo’s will be delivered directly to us in their unique form of presentations “Nintendo Directs”. So, what am I hoping to see to be unveiled for my new WiiU (which is great btw, everyone needs one for Splatoon!).
Animal Crossing for WiiU – This has been in the pipeline for ages, with Nintendo dropping numerous hints about the inevitability that we will see an Animal Crossing game come to their flagship home console. It’s a no brainer really, it’s a huge franchise within the Nintendo fan base and most have been clambering for one since the release of the WiiU. Animal Crossing is one of those games that takes over your whole life (or at least, all of your free time) so would it be a good thing? Of course it would! Give it to me Nintendo!

New Pokémon Title for N/3DS – A complete no brainer, and I would be completely shocked if we don’t see a new Pokémon title announced. To be perfectly honest though, I think I am personally done with this franchise, I am completely burnt out on it, and the Pokémon themselves get less and less appealing the more games they release. I would be all over it if it was a full game on the WiiU however…..

New Pokémon Title for WiiU – Let me be clear right off the bat, I am not talking about the traditional Pokémon games here, I am thinking more in the vain of ‘Pokémon Stadium’ or ‘Pokémon Snap’. I personally think it would be pretty damn cool to use the built-in gyro on the Wii U controller to take the snaps of the Pokémon, however, this is a far-fetched guess!

New Metroid Title for WiiU – A franchise Nintendo desperately need to bring back, fans have been clambering for it for years, and I feel that the re-release of the Metroid titles for WiiU back at the start of the year was used primarily as Nintendo putting out their feelers to see what kind of reception a game like Metroid would receive in this day and age.

And last but definitely not least…..

New Racing Game for WiiU – I can’t decide if I want this to be a new Wave Race or F-Zero. A new F-Zero would be great, especially if Sony went and announced a new WipeOut game, but…Wave Race is one of a kind racer, and was a lot of fun – so I think if I had to pick between the two I would choose Wave Race. Please Nintendo, Please!

So there you have it, we have now covered every press conference with our predictions – how much will we get right?

What do you want to see announced at E3?

And would you be hyped for any of the games we have predicted?

Let us know in the comments!


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