Our Third-Party E3 Predictions

With MrJohnSherry covering our Nintendo predictions that means there is only the small issue of the third-party conferences to look at.

I’m gonna try to avoid the stuff we already know is coming and roam into a more speculative mood, unless there is a specific detail I think about a title (BETA for example). Because this is quite a massive heading everything will be pretty brief so you’re not subjected to a wall of text.

Enjoy my last predictions! Hopefully we’ll be as right as these as we were the New model of Xbox One (albeit it only had a larger HDD but still)!


Mirrors Edge/Battlefront updates

Here we have two of the biggest games of last years conference making a reappearance this year (which is becoming a major habit) the reason I’ve included them is for the following two reasons:

  1. Battlefront 3 will have a late summer BETA run, open to all preorder-ers (it this a word?)
  2. Battlefront 3 will include access in some form to Mirrors Edge, perhaps a demo when available.

Mass Effect 4

This has been heavily hinted recently (I also am not sure if the logo I remember seeing recently was real, or a dream). Fans are hungry for more of Bioware’s epic space fantasy RPG, even though the story had ended and everyone complained, even threatening peoples lives for a better ending.

Kids these days.

If it does appear it will not be in any substantial form, perhaps a short cinematic setting up the world (universe?) and the new protagonist.

Criterion’s New Game

Chatting with MrJohnSherry the other actually kick started a flashback to video EA showed last year, it showed that Criterion still existed and were still trying to make games. This will make a reappearance and it could even be in a playable form – alpha most likely, but y’never know!

Here’s the trailer in case you; like me, completely forget what it is.

Visceral Games’ Star Wars Title

A little video ending in a title – this is the worst kept secret in gaming atm and EA will need to keep the Star Wars hype rolling, I expect this to make an appearance either directly after Battlefront 3 or right at the end of the conference.



No idea what it is, perhaps a co-op scrolling fighter?

It looks interesting no?

Watch_Dogs 2

The AAA game that was neither loved or hated, it has all but been forgotten. And yet this year Ubi WILL show us the sequel, it won’t be playable but there will be the usual, high-quality “one more thing” style trailer for us all to lose our shit over!

Imagine if this was Watch_Dogs AC2 moment! It could be special.

Prince of Persia

Rumours of this reboot, of a reboot, of a reboot; have been abound for some time now. Apparently people still want to play as the original Parkour Prince. They had subsided for some time and then this happened;


Now it seems odds on that PoP is making a comeback and it will be at E3 2015! Long live the Prince!

The Division

Recently delayed until 2016. I expect two things to be announced, the final launch date (sometime in March) and a late-summer/early Autumn BETA run for all who register to the site/Uplay – just to sweeten us all up after the disappointment of another major delay.

Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 3

Expect another short and unsatisfying video on this title, maybe a rough launch window – Square will hold this until the annual Disney conference in November – GG Square.


Another one that may make lip service to satiate the fans. Don’t expect much more than a few more details and maybe another video or sizzle reel. 



Gearbox is another one to announce their games early, but this looks interesting – even though I dislike the BLs franchise I’ll hold off my critique until I know what this is, how it will play and what the vision is.

New Resident Evil

It’s been three years (!) since RE 6 hit our 360s and PS3s. It’s high time we had another! While I’m pretty sure we’ll see some gameplay of Zero HD – I really want to see the decision Capcom have made for the future of the series, what do they have in store for us with RE 7?

I hope to find out at E3.

What do you think the third-parties will announce?

Think any of my predictions are too “out there”?

Do you give a shit about Resi anymore?

Want to flame me?

Do all this and more in the comment sections!


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