Our Sony E3 Predictions!

This year, with E3 quickly oppressing its will upon us, and with Luvva being particularly busy…MrJohnSherry has gladly stepped into the breach and come up with his list of his Sony E3 predictions.

…Mystic Meg mode engaged!

It is that time of the year for us gamers – Christmas! No, wait…it isn’t Christmas, but for all intents on purpose if you love games as much as me and millions of others – E3 might as well be!

With less than 2 weeks to go until the first press conference, I think it is an appropriate time for me to give my predictions on what I think will happen in the Sony press conferences (or Directs if you are talking about Nintendo!)

The Last Guardian


We have said this for many years and for many different conferences from E3 to Gamescom, that The Last Guardian will definitely be announced, it is time! For once, I genuinely believe this statement.

Last year, we had that teaser video with Shuehei Yoshida explicitly stating “If we can it, we will let you know” and they still haven’t! He also stated during that video that he played it with a dual shock controller himself recently to E3 last year, although would not clarify whether it was a dualshock 3 or 4. I feel Sony have been biding their time, allowing Team Ico to get the game ported and more suited to the PS4 arena and now, it is time to unleash the beast!

Gran Turismo 7 


OK, maybe this one wouldn’t be as big as a surprise as the Last Guardian as we have all been expecting GT7 to come, and to be perfectly honest I am surprised it still hasn’t! With the relative success of Drive Club (after release, seriously, if you still haven’t checked out that game and love racing games – get on it!) it may be time for Sony and Polyphony to release the real Playstation racing game stable.

Guerrilla Games New IP 


I am not sure where Guerrilla Games are going to move next, for me, it definitely won’t be another Killzone though – well, it has already been confirmed it wouldn’t be otherwise it wouldn’t be getting described as a new IP!

Personally, I would love for them to delve into the action-rpg genre, as they have an undeniable talent for creating the worlds in which they seem fun to explore, it’s just a shame the last 2 Killzone games just haven’t had the gameplay to go with them. If they were to try out a new genre, it may breed a new confidence into the studio, allowing them to feel more free with their design choices and ultimately create a better experience for the consumers. Here is hoping!

New God of War 


Again, probably not the most surprising as we are all expecting it, but I feel this is the REAL reason for the upcoming release of God of War 3 remaster. It makes sense, a lot of the current PS4 install base probably came from the Xbox 360 community, so releasing the latest (and probably best) God of War game for them to experience is the absolute perfect way to get the hype levels raised for God of War 4.

I think with the PS4 hardware, it could be quite the experience!

So, that’s my predictions for Sony this year, sure we will probably get some Battlefront gameplay, and maybe even some Call of Duty : Black Ops 3 (rumours running wild they have the advertising rights and DLC 1st deal with Activision for it) but these are the surprise announcements that keep us coming back every year, so Sony; don’t let us down!

What games are you hoping to see at Sony’s press conference this year?

Do you agree with my selections?

Let us know in the comment section below!


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