E3 HYPE! Why we NEED E3!

It’s June, that means one thing…E3! This month is E3 month here at LuvvaLuvva Towers; we’re gonna be focusing on the trade show daddy; the original and the best trade show on the gaming calendar. We love it! You love it! Lets kick start this celebration with a post about something that has been on my mind for a long time!

Over the past few years however E3 has been losing a little of its impact, year on year there are more pre-E3 announcements made in order to help developers and publishers avoid the tidal wave of information.


Year on year there is a distinct lack of announcements on the shop floor (so to speak) and year on year I get asked whether or not I believe that E3 is still relevant in this digital age.

Year on year I answer this question with a profound and honest “yes”!

I believe there is still room for E3 and more-so I believe that gaming needs it more than ever as we move forward with this industry.

I’ll attempt to explain why.

Why is it relevant?

Before I begin, I understand the counter argument on E3; we can get any information we want, quickly and easily online. E3 is viewed as a relic from the pre-internet age. An age that required a show to usher in new information and generate hype for soon to be released titles. All we need now is a “leaked” video and it’s job done, cheaper and arguably equally effective.

E3 is the Academy Awards of gaming, it is that week were everyone (no matter their interests) pays attention to the gaming industry. It creates a “buzz” and makes us feel good as we anticipate things that’ll never; in all likelihood, happen. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve heard someone say “this year Sony is gonna unveil a new Naughty Dog Crash Bandicoot game” – and for the past few years the last guardian has been a running joke! E3 gives us all the chance to dream, to hope and to envisage a landscape that is much better than the reality.

E3 also gives us our first real glimpse of those games we know are coming, it builds us up and in some cases (Battlefield: Hardline) gives us our first play of the games that are highly anticipated through public BETA tests.

Why is it needed?

It really annoys me when games companies trip over each other to throw out their big announcements the week before E3, it takes away from the show and robs us of that “WOW HOLY SHIT!” moment. What it does though is start the ball rolling for E3 a week or so early. It creates a scene and gets the attention of the media, gamers and people who have a passing interest – E3 takes the baton and runs it over the finish line. E3 plays a pivotal role in the hype train.

The reason we NEED E3 is to give us context to these games. E3 allows us to pull back the curtains for a little while and see what these companies have in store for us, their shareholders and themselves.

As gamers it is very easy to see developers as these soulless machines that exist to pump out products for our consumption and entertainment – we lack the star power that other entertainment mediums – Kojima and Cliffy B aside we have no Spielberg figure heads in gaming. It is easy for us to forget that humans make these games. E3 offers us the chance to see the human faces behind the corporate logos and complicated DLC plans – empathy is underrated in business.

Why we need it more than ever

In context of 2015, many highly-anticipated games have already been pushed back to 2016; and in a way, 2015 is beginning to look a little barren, we need E3 to tell us that it’ll be alright. Games are coming. And it’s gonna be great!

On the grand scheme of things, the reason we need it is a very simple one – it gives us something to look forward to. Like Christmas, we need that thing on the calendar that allows us to feel like children again. As I said earlier, we need something to give us the chance to dream, to believe that it gets better. That, that game we’ve been looking forward to is happening right now! E3 does all this and more, it would be a crying shame if it ceased to exist.

Join me in raising a glass

“To E3”!

What are you most looking forward to in E3?

What would be your dream E3 announcement?

Tell me in the comments below!


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