Three Franchises Which Need Resurrected

….An Corp!

Everyone has a franchise that they loved when they were much younger. Man of these franchises have been in genres that have been deemed “unprofitable” by major publishers. Kickstarter has really dispelled many of these myths and several dead genres have been resurrected and many have not.

Recently I have been thinking which franchises I would love to see being resurrected, mostly as big surprise announcements at the upcoming E3 (2 week HYPE!). 

3) Streets of Rage


Ahhh, probably the best side-scrolling beat-em-up of all time! (and yes, I will fight you to uphold this!) Died an untimely death back in 1994, but there has been a few false dawns in the past decade – with virtual release on the Nintendo Wii and then released as part of the Sega pack on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Surely if they were to release it, that would have been perfect timing – although there has been a few rumours that a reboot was in the works but cancelled. Let’s call up RockSteady and see what they are planning to do after Batman: Arkham Knight…

2) Wipeout


Please, please, please Sony! On top of more arcade racers, we need a few futurisitc ones to go with it! And apart from F-Zero, none do it better than the Wipeout games – heck, I would probably go as far as saying Wipeout was the better game out of the two!

And yes, I am aware that will probably garner a few weird stares! But – always a but, if I had to pick between two franchises I would love for Sony to reboot, I would probably have to go with…

1) Crash Bandicoot


Seriously, who in the world wouldn’t want to see the return of this lovable platforming Bandicoot? We haven’t had a proper Crash game in a decade now, A DECADE SONY!

I am hoping that with the recent success of the ‘Yooka Laylee’ Kickstarter, someone at Sony releases there is a huge market out there for 3D platformers – just make it happen, PLEASE!

What franchise would you love to see be resurrected?

Tell me in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “Three Franchises Which Need Resurrected

  1. I dunno if I’d really enjoy a 3D Streets of Rage. I suppose you could do it, but it would need some really tight multiplayer controls to really work. If you did a smaller Grand Theft Auto world built around 4-player co-op and hand-to-hand combat, then maybe it could be really fun.

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  2. I don’t know if it’s a “dead” franchise, but it’s been a few years since we saw a Burnout game. It’d be totally awesome to play a crash-em-up car game on the Xbox One or the PS4.

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  3. I’d love a streets of rage sequel or reboot! And Crash Bandicoot too!

    Myself I wouldn’t mind more portable digital Pokémon TCG adaptations; the first one for GBC (and the only one released in Europe of the 2 games on the GBC) was awesome.

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