This Week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (18-24/05/2015)

Again, another late post! sorry Guys 😀 (forgiveness please)

Here is my recap for the past week, if you missed something you’ll find it here, alongside my stream highlights and schedule for this week (even though it’s Tuesday already).

Blog Posts

#NBI2015 New Bloggers Update and Community Spotlight posts – in which I highlight new bloggers and their contributions to the talkback challenges.

#NBI2015 Talkback Challenge: What Made You A Gamer? – quite  the reverse of above, my very own contribution to a talkback challenge

Are We Becoming Too Cynical? – MrJohnSherry’s weekly post, here he loosk at public reaction to game unveils!

Stream Highlights

Another full episode of #MNMP for your entertaining and consideration! If you like these videos why not consider joining in the fun and chat?! Mondays 10pm GMT – around 2 or 3!

Stream Schedule

With me being incredibly busy I have already missed one full stream (this morning) and it is my birthday on Saturday so there’ll be no stream then either. I’ll also be changing up my usual schedule soon as well, so this week is a little thin on the ground with streams and I apologise in advance for those who watch.

Tuesday: 10pm – late

Wednesday: 9am – 2pm

Friday: 10pm – late


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