Are We Becoming Too Cynical?

…Fool me once, shame on you

…fool me twice…

…Shame on me. I believe that is the saying, and recently this has become the unspoken mantra for gamers across the world. All you have to do is read enthusiast forums such as NeoGAF to see how hateful some of the community is becoming. For example, take the thread based on the new Need for Speed game set to release in the autumn of this year, and all you will see a lot of people complaining about things we have no idea about. Or hilariously things a lot of Need For Speed fans have asked for quite some time now (even some of the users who post on that very forum)!

Ghost Studios reached out to fans, asking what they would like to see in the new Need For Speed game, to which a large portion asked for two simple principles – night races, and a return to the days of a lot of customisation possibilities so you could set your car apart from the rest. So, Ghost Studios listened, and this has become the crux of the new Need For Speed Game, large open world game, narrative driving story, nocturnal races and high number of customisation options – no number was giving on number of body kits or if it would work like NFS:Carbon (with a slider so you could make it wider, thinner etc).

This was met with total outrage, “Open World Game that is always night? Yeah, that makes sense”. Well, it kind of does. Back in the days of NFS:Underground 2, that is EXACTLY what we got, and that is highly regarded by the NFS fans as one of, if not the, best games in the series to date!

I honestly couldn’t believe what I was reading, a lot of people asked for a return to NFS:Underground, night street racing, but when it is offered to them we throw in back into developers faces. The most outrageous part of it all though was the graphics. Graphical downgrade complaining has become quite in vogue so it wasn’t really a surprise, especially as EA/Ghost Studios had a message on-screen during the teaser which stated “All Footage Captured In Game – Graphics Representative of All Platforms.”

Now, I know we have had this type of stuff before, most notably with Ubisoft title “Watch_Dogs”. But, and this is quite a big but in my opinion, we as consumers have no idea how well the new Frostbite engine runs on the current (next) gen consoles. We have had some writing impressions as well as hear-say from people who say DICE’s “Star Wars: Battlefront” is nothing like we have seen on the consoles before – citing we could be in for a big surprise come E3 when we will hopefully see some gameplay for Need for Speed and Star Wars Battlefront.

Sure, we have earned a right to be a bit pessimistic about developers claims on how games will play or look, but to the point were we are becoming quite aggressive against them?

Especially the ones who take the time to interact with their fan/consumer base – then that over steps the mark for me.

Personally, I am going to sit on the side of optimism, let’s see what Ghost Studios and DICE can get out of the new Frost Bite engine, then we will take it from there.


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