#NBI2015 New Bloggers Update and Community Spotlight posts

Well, including this in my weekly roundup didn’t go too well at all! I only went and bloody forgot didn’t I?


Anyway, when the opportunity presents, I will create a new  post lol! In this here series I will be highlighting the new bloggers that join the NBI every week and also link to their contributions to the weekly talk back features.

Please bare in mind the purpose of this series is to highlight the newbies, for all the responses there is already an awesome post (and I’m sure it is not easy either) on the newbie blogger initiative site that I will link to 😀

All in one handy post – God, how nice am I?*

New Blogs

The Rykter Scale

The Balance Force

Knifesedge Adventures in MMOs (and other games)


Pleasant Gamer

In Character

Aspect of the Hare


Imperial Intelligence


Light the beacons (Podcast)


Talkback Challenge #1 Posts (and roundup)

Tyrannodorkus’ post

Wolfdragon’s post

Randark’s post

HDO’s post

Talkback Challenge #2 Posts (and roundup)

Knifesedge’s post

Wolfdragon’s post

Tyrannodorkus’ post

Randark’s post

This was a crazy amount of work – Izlain I doff my cap to you sir because your roundup posts are much more comprehensive than this! Good work sir and know that I am genuinely impressed!

I’m sorry if I missed anyone’s; if I have missed your entry let me know in the comments, flame me hard enough and I’ll add the link.

2 thoughts on “#NBI2015 New Bloggers Update and Community Spotlight posts

  1. It does take a bit of a mad dash around the blogosphere to get it all together, and I know I’m still probably missing some posts. Thanks for the love though!


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