Mr Luvva’s Luv-In #10

Double Digits!

Who would’ve thought this simple series of highlighting posts from the would’ve come this far?

As always, click the links, support these fine sites and give the writers the love that their hard work deserves! Tell them Luvva sent you for bonus kudos (note: bonus kudos not actually a thing)

Where Are All The Movie Tie-in Games? Nick D asks the questions that we are wondering, where the heck are movie-based games these days? While I personally don’t miss them (as they were almost always terrible) I have wondered why they stopped being a thing.

Olli Olli Video Review Do you know what I like even more than reading blogs? Watching Blogs! It is rare that a video makes me laugh within its first few seconds but Miles over at Whats your tag achieved that. Beyond the laugh, it is a very good review (if a bit low scoring) for one of my favourite games from last year. Although, it’s well worth the £7 imo!

Picture of the Day: Mounts are coming to TSW! I don’t play MMOs, I don’t really care for MMOs. What I do like (and I have no idea why) is reading about MMOs! Maybe it’s the enthusiasm with which many of you write about them that makes it enjoyable. Bio Break is excited at TSW (one of the more interesting entries into the genre) getting mounts and the kick ass picture of a harley davidson style motorcycle.

An Academic Year In Retrospective A very interesting read that blends real life, gaming and education (three things very close to my heart; and career) was entertaining to read as well as eye-opening. As one of the few graduates to actually use my degree everyday, I forget that many simply fall out of love with their course of choice. Little Sister Gaming has done a great job with this post! Good luck with streaming, if you need help give me a shout!

Why I Can’t Break Up With Silent Hills I am still gutted about the lack of Silent Hills in my future, as a lover of the horror genre I need Silent Hill to become relevent and good again. Thankfully I am not alone as Beltravi is also feeling the feels from the Konami fallout. Good read!

The Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Games  I love my lists (I know a complete shock right?) and this one  is a good’un! Some interesting choices and some more obscure choices too – dayum fine work from KJ.

Back But Don’t Play Belghast is tackling the talkback challenge #2 of the NBI and it is possibly my favourite entry. He looks at Kickstarter as a way to back projects rather than to gain early access to them, he is obviously a man with more will power than I.


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