Top 3 Arcade Racers

……2 Fast, 2 Furious!


The arcade racing sub-genre has seen a decline in recent years, but it is still one of my absolute favourite genres! The amount of hours I’ve plowed into them over the years in multiplayer, single player, online play and everything in-between (even pass the controller style multiplayer) are uncountable.

This article is where I will pick my favourite ones; be warned though, there is no room for differentials, gear ratios or cambers here! Only arcade racers will make the grade and before we begin here is a notice

Disclaimer: I have been binge watching The Fast and The Furious movies, so this may have a bearing on my 3 choices in this list!

3) Need For Speed: Rivals 


Personally, I actually loved this game. For years EA had been throwing the NFS license to random internal developers hoping for one to stumble upon the magic of the original games in the franchise. Luckily for them, Ghost Games (with some help from Criterion Games) found quite a good formula for the racing genre.

With racers being pit up against cops controlled by real people, good police chases were more or less a daily occurence! The only real problem I had with this game was during a few of the longer races, I would have a random car crash into me during the race meaning I would have to restart the whole race. Annoying sure, but if they could sort this problem out for a hypothetical ‘Rivals 2’ I would welcome it with open arms!

2) Burnout Paradise 


Well, it wouldn’t be an arcade racer list without this would it? Quite possibly the best open world racer ever developed, not to mention it wasn’t singled out to cars only either! Motorbikes could be used, making it pretty damn unique in the crowded racing market at the time.

So, I hear you asking, why isn’t the best open world racer (your own words!) number one on this playlist? Well, I will tell you – and it not the fault of Criterion Games. I never heard of this game to several years after it’s release when I got a lend of it from a friend! So by the time I got it, the online features were disabled and I only got to experience the single player side – which I am not complaining about at all!

1) Need For Speed : Underground 


It had to happen, for me, the arcade racing genre is epitomised by the Need For Speed games, mainly the ones which arrived during the early to mid 2000’s.

They just had everything, great car selection, great customisation, the soundtrack was just top-notch – they really don’t make them like this anymore. If I had to clamour for one game that needed a remaster, it would be this game. I spent countless hours on this game at home, and when I was out with friends, it was usually our go to game in the arcade.

MrLuvva’s Honourable mention

I cannot believe that I am about to publish an article on these hallowed pages about arcade racers and there is no mention of the all-time greats in here! No SEGA Rally, Daytona USA, Ridge Racer, Scud Race, Hang On, Ferrari 355 Challenge, Outrun…the list goes on…and that’s why MrJohnSherry did this article, I just can’t choose!

Good Job Sherry.

Do you enjoy arcade racers more than sims?

Are you pining for a HD remaster of 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker?

What is your favourite arcade racer?


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