This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (4-10/05/2015)

The past week was one that, at the beginning, looked like it was going to continue the trend of being incredibly busy. I pulled it out of the bag in the latter half of the week (thanks for being so patient with me this past week btw) and met our three post a week pledge!

And those three posts were good’uns too! If you missed anything here’s the traditional weekly round-up, complete with stream highlights and my stream schedule (not gonna lie to you, I completely forgot these last week).

Greenman Gaming I know it’s probably nothing to many of the bloggers around these parts, but I was incredibly proud to be made an affiliate of GMG! I shop there regularly and have always got great deals and even better service. Want to support me? Click the link on the right please 😀

A Streamers Diary (April) This series is quickly becoming one of the most popular on this blog. My monthly round-up of what has went well and what has went shit. It’s my way of informing and showing the world that streaming is actually quite difficult and full of trails and tribulations (while still being fucking awesome!)

#NBI2015 How Did GamerGate Affect You? The first of the community TalkBack activities in which I look at the way in which GamerGate affected me (Spoiler Alert: Not much). Give it a look though, good on ye!

The Art Of The BacklogMrJohnSherry was having a look into his backlog and decided to tell us which games he really wants to play that’s currently there! Some really interesting choices in this post, and some I can’t believe he has yet to finish (or start in some)!

Streaming Highlights

Unfortunately the busy week left my streaming up in the air, I could only stream twice (and one was very short)! However I have recently started a new series called Monday Night Multiplayer (#MNMP) which sees me, a few other streamers and our viewers play old games together while having a voice chat! It’s a cracking show, well worth the entry fee (£0), why not come join the fun at

Here’s the entire broadcast, unedited! Unfortunately I can’t embed from Twitch but here’s the link!

Stream Schedule

Monday Night Multiplayer: 10pm – 2am

Tuesday: 10am – 2pm & 10pm – 2am

Wednesday: 10am – 2pm

Friday ‘Late-Night-Luvva’: 10pm – 2am

Saturday: 9am – 2pm

Please keep in mind the times are subject to change, keep an eye on my twitter to get the most up-to-date times – they should be concrete this week though


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