The Art of the Backlog

…We Are Going To Need A Bigger Shovel!


Let’s face it, every gamer has one. You may not realise it, but you most certainly do. Personally, mine is longer than I care to think about – the vast majority of the games I own on Steam have never even been installed let alone finished. So, last month I decided it is time I cleared a few of these games, if only for my own personal gratification (not to mention saving a bit of cash trying not to add to it!) Let’s have a look at the games I have decided to clear up!

3) Batman: Arkham Asylum & Batman: Arkham City (PC)


I bought both of these games in a bundle a year or so ago in a steam sale. I kept hearing great things about these games, so picked them up dirt cheap in a steam sale. Unfortunately for me, at the same time – The Last of Us : Remastered was also out around the same time so I was having an absolute blast on that with a few friends on multiplayer so Batman never got a look in.

So far I am about 4-5 hours into Arkham Asylum and loving it so far, the combat is a thing of beauty and I am aiming to finish both games before the release of Arkham Knight late next month.

2) Marvel Heroes (PC)


While this game is a free-to-play title, I feel like I have spent enough money on this game via heroes and costumes that I should probably play it a bit more to get my moneys worth. I think the recent release of Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron also reminded me that this game even existed, and there is no real “end game” to speak off. I just want to feel like I am getting my moneys worth out of it. Currently I am having a blast on it, got my Gambit hero up to level 16 and enjoying it very much!

1) Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4)


Ok, I have to be a bit honest with you here, I have completed Sleeping Dogs before, on the PC. But, when I saw it a few months ago on the Playstation Store for under £20 with all that DLC, I just had to bite. Sleeping dogs is one of my favourite games of the last couple of years. The gameplay is unmatched in my opinion, and the city really feels alive and that my actions have real consequences to them.

I am about 3 hours in, and while I told myself I would only be dabbling in the main story line missions, I have inevitably become distracted by all the side missions the game offers but I am not even sorry about it. If you are interested in my Sleeping Dogs story, I will be live streaming my entire time with the game over on (shameless plug!)

So, what games do you have on your backlog?

Are they mostly forgettable or have you too missed a few gems from over the years you really should get around to completing (or even starting!)?


3 thoughts on “The Art of the Backlog

  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    I have no backlog sir for I have to spend money and I will force myself to play some games because only playing “when I feel like” will leave it on a shelf for months at a time.


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