A Streamers Diary (April)

We’re a bit late with this edition of the post that gives you the skinny on the life behind the camera, what a streamer goes through to deliver that live entertainment that millions crave. After the disaster that was March there was only one way to go in April…


Let’s put it this way, after March, April was smooth sailing and was a great month for my stream! However it was not one without its trials and tribulations, where to begin? My favourite part I guess…

The Community

At the end of March I was sitting at 126 followers and was on a real roll, the streams were good and was getting watched by a solid 7-15 people, I was feeling it. That was a feeling that carried over to April! My community was getting more vocal and my ‘Hotline Miami’ stream was a major success, so being the guy I am I gave them a little more control on the stream that they were watching.

I was getting nowhere fast with BloodBorne and two viewers (one is a IRL friend) offered to help me through the boss fight (Ebrietas) and we teamed up, not once, not twice but basically every stream for the duration of the play-through. It was excellent! I was making progress and my viewers were becoming a central focus of my stream; even more than they usually are!

I was making friends from my follower list and it was excellent. The community was all having fun together and there was a real buzz about the stream, that follower count kept on climbing too!

Munkaymagic even donated more amazing art for the stream, including a newly branded logo, twitter banner, universal overlay, starting soon and stream sending screen, dude is a legend.

HandHeartNew Luvva_Cover Luvva_Gen_Overlay Luvva_Starting_Soon

Since I made a promise to myself to go out and make a community amongst like-minded guys and girls I made some new connections on twitch (hell I made FRIENDS on twitch) and soon other streamers were visiting my stream (and I theirs) we got chatting and decided to play some games together and before we knew it Monday Night Multiplayer #MNMP was born.

#MNMP is where streamers get together, with their viewers and play games (cheap/popular/free games so there is minimal outlay) for the past two Mondays we have been partaking in ‘Day of Defeat: Source’ and it has been brilliant fun! There has been laughs, laughs and even more laughs! #MNMP is the place to be Monday 10pm – 2am; although it hasn’t ended before 3am yet!

Munkay once again stepped up to the plate and; unprompted, created some #MNMP art work for me to use! This guy is a graphics machine!

mnmp mnmp

Over the course of April and specifically ‘BloodBorne’ I had amassed 50 followers and had climbed to 157 before I got completely stuck and ended up running the same boss over and over (Gehrman). To make matters worse, my brothers-in-arms had passed that part (one way or another *wink*) and were not around to give me the support my gaming skills needed.

Wary of viewer burn out, I decided to move on to another game…

…’Murdered: Soul Suspect’ was my next game (a game I’d been dying to play) and, as I was the only one playing; I thought it may get my tiny stream some attention. And it did! I got attention! Just not the kind of attention that I was expecting…

The Bad

I was playing Murdered: Soul Suspect, the time was 2am and I was in the process of calling it a stream, as I was signing off Steveo noticed that I had 70 viewers! Well any small time streamer would be crazy to call a stream with that many people watching, and I was no different! I restarted the game and was over-the-moon with this new-found viewership, I thought “Who has raided me?”, after 15 minutes we realised this was new raid, it was merely a view-bot attack!

To make matters worse 50 of the bots decided that they would follow me at the same time, cue my follower alert going crazy, this should be great, it pushed me up the viewer ranks and would make it easier for anyone to find my stream…

…it’s also against the twitch ToS. I called the stream and reported it to twitch and this is where my issues kicked in. Twitch has no way of reporting things like this to them directly. I scoured the website for a link, email address, anything. There was nothing. Ziltch. Nada. After going to the sub-reddit I was told to tweet @twitchsupport. which I did, they are still currently deleting my fake followers, but my number is still being inflated.

At the end of April I have 167 legit followers and 28 bots.

Even worse.

I decided to upgrade my setup this month. Specifically I decided to improve my capture card. The Hauppauge Rocket has been a mighty fine companion but it’s flaws and drawbacks mean that our journey must end. I turned to my community for recommendations as I’ve never been that impressed by the Elgato; one of my most loyal followers recommended a no name brand but one that reviewed really well and was a good price.

I jumped at it and was soon in receipt of a new ‘StarTech USB 3.0 Capture card’ eager to see the improvement I hooked it up to my USB 3.0 ports and in a few seconds I was capturing my PS3.


For a few seconds anyway. Soon the conenction was dropping and restarting, over and over, the capturing ended and it was over!



To be fair, I returned it not a problem and am currently waiting on my replacement, the company have handled it beautifully and without hesitation or delay they have turned it around. I am hoping to receive it tomorrow or Saturday.

I hope that next month I can sing this capture cards praises.


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