This Week at LuvvaLuvva Towers

Last week was super busy for me (Late April/Early May always is in my line of work) and as a result my posting suffered, I still got four out, but two were my anniversary celebration posts that were intended to be surplus to my regular schedule!

Anyway this week should see posting back to normal, if it doesn’t I apologise in advance; but aside from any unforeseen event, it will be back to normal.

Here’s what you may have missed last week though.

1st Anniversary Celebrations #3 I have been celebrating my first full year in blogging this week and have been highlighting my favourite posts, this was a retrospective into my gaming past a part one of two, can you guess what my next celebration post was?

1st Anniversary Celebrations #4 If you guessed a hallowe’en special, you’d be correct…or wrong, guess you’re gonna have to click and find out.

Mortal Kombat X – Review Sherry is back with a review of a fighting game…the BIGGEST fighting game this year some would say. What did he make of it though?

Newbie Blogger Initiative #NBI2015 I rounded the week off with a quick roundup of the new blogs that are participating in the NBI this year! Show them our support and click their links!


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