MrLuvva’s Luv-In #8

Two months gone and my mission to contribute to the community is not stopping, nor will it! I have been in a crazy cycle this week, where I have been super busy – it has impacted on my writing AND reading levels!

In saying that though I have read enough of your posts to throw together my community spotlight post. As always dear readers, please ensure you click the titles to support these excellent blogs!


I just realised that this did not post when scheduled, I apologise for that!

I’ll keep a careful eye on my other scheduled posts.

Augmented Reality Survival Horror Game Seeks To Invade your Sanctuary from over at GamerDame! This game sounds so promising and looks interesting. This post looks at the promise of the technology and asks some of the correct questions, how will this game work?

Did Valve Do The Right Thing In Removing Paid Mods? Last week was one of turmoil for modders, mod fans and the entirety of the modding community! I was planning on doing a “Good, Bad and the Ugly” on the topic of paid mods, but by the time I could write it Valve had backed out. Mistranslations for the modern gamer has done the post that I would have liked to do, and it is very high in quality!

Newbie Blogger Initiative 2015: Announcing the Screenshot Safari #NBI2015 #NBI2015SAFARI Apart from having an incredibly long title, this post also has a great idea, collecting screenshots and talking about them! If you do nothing else this week/month share your favourite screenshot and join in the community fun of the NBI2015

Special EGX Level In Hotline Miami I love posts that highlight something that I’ve never seen before, and here we have an amazing secret being highlighted by Game, Complain, Repeat – I had no idea this level existed and although it doesn’t look the greatest, it’s just very cool!

Shroud of the Avatar: Welcome Back Avatar! Syp is a man like me! A big fan of Ultima and a backer for Shroud of the Avatar. And like me he is scared to get too deep in the BETA of Shroud for fear of burning out on it before release. I have dipped into it on a few of the releases and have enjoyed it immensely. What did Syp make of it? Go read this post!

The Duck Apologises to Retro Studio One thing I’ve learned about blogging over the past year is once you say something, it’s out there forever! Duckofindeed has complained loads about Retro’s imaging of Donkey Kong on the Wii and now duck has played the latest (and tgreatest imo) Tropical Freeze. I love when bloggers (hell people in general) can throw their hands up and say “I was wrong” there’s hope for us all!

Silent Hills is Latest Casualty Due to the Konami/Kojima split I must admit the news of Silent Hills cancellation broke my heart this week. The proof of concept that WAS (as its be removed) P.T. whetted my appetite for a new horror game and now I’ll never be satisfied. Gamer Crash is confused as to how this decision came about, and quite frankly so am I!


8 thoughts on “MrLuvva’s Luv-In #8

  1. I was bummed to hear about Silent Hills disappearing too. That demo had so much promise, and the franchise was long overdue for a title that was actually worthwhile again.


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