Newbie Blogger Initiative #NBI2015

nbi_avatar512It’s that time of year again! NBI time! Last years NBI got me known around these here parts and introduced me to some very cool people – although my blog has changed in that time (tonally speaking) I have been very well served by the community the NBI built up and I want to play my role in that this year.

Obviously I am no longer a newbie blogger ;-( but all that means is I’m now a regular blogger who has an audience (no matter how small :P) and I want to use that to the advantage of these new bloggers!

So I will post in the forums, I will welcome you all personally, but this is my way of giving back just a little to the community that has given me so much!

Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you, the class of 2015!

Simcha’s Many Lives

Ramblings of an MMO gamer guy

Gamer Girl Confessions

Chaotic Pixels

Waiting For Rez

Gaming Adventures

Randark’s Review


Every week in ‘This Week At Luvva towers’ posts I will update this list with any other blogs that join the NBI! I will also highlight some of the community event posts in a mini series called #NBI2015, I’m looking forward to this guys!

I just want to wish all these new blogs the best of luck and hope they enjoy the ride! I’ll even take part in the challenges and other fun things the NBI does – to the next 4 weeks!

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