1st Anniversary Celebrations #4

And this is it, our last anniversary post 😦

Guys I seriously want to take this time and thank everyone who has ever read these pages! It’s you guys that kept me writing my (often inane) posts and articles. This coming year is going to be even bigger than last, I can feel it, I won’t be slowing down, nor will MrJohnSherry!

We will be trying to bring you the best posts we possibly can!

1 year down, hopefully many more to come! 

I haven’t forgotten, here’s today’s highlighted post:

Games we’d love to see get HD re-releases! Part 2

I really loved this series of posts! This summer I have a few ideas to keep you readers entertained, I wont be telling you just yet, but rest assured that MrLuvvaLuvva Blog will keep on getting better and better!

And with that, our first year has come to a close, once again I just want to say a BIG Thank you to all our readers!



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