Best Streams on Twitch 2015 edition


Around this time last year I compiled a list of the top streamers you should watch right away; maybe even yesterday! Like everything in technology, streaming is incredibly competitive and there is a little arms race going on at the moment, this is great for us viewers as the content is just getting better and better!

We’ve been meaning to update this for a while, and what better time that during our big anniversary celebration?

Don’t worry thought you’ll find no shameless self promotion of my stream anywhere in this article! I’m not that shallow!


Only kidding guys! Here’s the most blatant shameless self-promotion you’ll see today, maybe even this week! Do check out my channel though, its got a good atmosphere and less than stellar gameplay!

But seriously though, here is my real list of the best (partnered) streams on today!



The Viking! Not only does he have one of the best beards on twitch (maybe the best) but he also has one of the best streams too! What a guy!

Ello (to his friends) is essentially a variety streamer, but he does have several titles that he goes back to; H1Z1 is his go-to game, but he does play GTA:V, Bloodborne and other big titles around his core game!

He’s a funny guy, appreciative of all the support he receives and is genuinely grateful for everything and this comes across in his casts and makes him very likeable!

And that beard! #Kreygasm



I got introduced to Max only recently by a fellow small time streamer and I really haven’t looked back. Max’s casts are incredibly energetic, funny and enthusiastic.

He plays fighting games both contemporary and legacy, to quite a high level, with his friends (who aren’t always there) so there is always good fun had on cam!

Max is most certainly a DOOD and is worthy of your time!



Last years winner, is this years number 3! Still an amazing cast, still an amazing caster and I enjoy it, just not to the same extent I did last year!

He has added new things to his stream and some of them are amazing, Sub-Hotline is one such addition that I wish others would “be inspired” by!

Lirik is just guy, with Charisma for days, playing games in public!

30,000+ concurrent viewers cannot be wrong, check this guy out if you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years!



WShand! One of the most creative streams on twitch, this guy is a genuine, bonafide variety streamer with new ideas coming out of every orifice!

He streams at odd times (mostly at night) but the entertainment he offers is enough to keep anyone awake! Why not tune in on check the deaths (Fridays) to see him challenge run RE3 (challenges are bought by viewers from a menu), get pissed and dance with a body pillow (not every week)!

Dont want to watch him play a game? (you heathens) Sure why not watch beyond the broadcast where Shand gets his Ellen on and interviews other streamers as they play!

WShand also has some of the best production values on twitch, this guy is all about a great looking stream with great commentary, entertainment and an amazing community (I’m there a lot)!



Last years number 2 has risen to the top! The original superstar of twitch is back on top!

And for damn good reason! There are precious other streamers out there who have this mans dedication to streaming and to his fans (hell he got me a 1K day for my original twitch post!). Man goes above and beyond the call of duty for our entertainment.

Not only does he play ridiculously difficult games to completion, but he has been known for staying live for DAYS on end in order to achieve said completion; and the best part is he never gets unentertaining! I watched him stream for nearly two weeks trying to beat the final boss on ‘Wings of Vi’ he would run in, die and repeat – for two weeks!! Was I bored? NEVER! Man was amazing! I couldn’t turn away! IT was amazing to watch him finally succeed – I felt like I had accomplished something just because I was so invested in ManVsGame!

Just get to his channel and watch him…Entertaining, funny and incredibly knowledgeable! He was the recipient of my first subscription!

Man is, well, the MAN!

Whose your favourite twitch streamer?

Let me know in the comments!


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