1st Anniversary Celebrations #1


It has come guys! It is my first anniversary of starting this blog (I’m not sure of the actual date, but I’ll be celebrating until the end of the month)!


thanks for the reminder wordpress

And what an amazing year it has been; over 7,000 readers served and still going strong (stronger than ever in fact). To celebrate, I’m going to be updating a few posts that I did last year (mostly internet lists) and also try to highlight a few of my favourite posts that (I feel) didn’t get the views they deserved!

And here we are, #1

My very first post! This was the start of MrLuvvaLuvva and I put a lot of work into it (mostly learning how to photoshop horribly) I still think it is one of my funniest posts and feel that you guys (especially the UK readers) would get a kick out of it!

Here is the link to “David Moyes’ Video Game C.V.” – please give it a read!


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