MrLuvva’s Luv-in #6

Well, it’s Sunday again. And as we’re now on #6 of this feature I’d thought we’d make a slight change to how we do things…don’t worry the quality writing (Kappa) is still present and correct. No, the change comes from me picking my favourite article from each day of the past week!

That’s right we’ve upped the number from ‘random number’ to 7! That makes more sense right?

7 days, 7 posts!


Here’s what I’ve enjoyed reading!

Heroes don’t need the big screen anymorefrom ipgarden over at buttonsmashers. I’ve been enjoying DareDevil and The Flash recently on tv (and not enjoying Gotham so much) so any chance to indulge in a discussion about them I’m all over! This post is a great psuedo-review for the main shows!

#Mv27 All the Shards a stage and all its players actually humans (part 1): As i said in the comments to this great post from Murf, I think he is either me, or an American counterpart, he says so much that I agree with. Here we have a love letter to UO and it’s a great read.

No Raid! Destiny’s Latest Letdown: From dudewheresmyrug over at what’s my tag and here we have an angry short post about the lack of a raid in the “House of Wolves” expansion for ‘Destiny’. An outburst of anger about ‘Destiny’? Who would’ve thought?

Achievement Unlocked: Published Gaming Magazine: A great post from Games I Made My Girlfriend play. I really just picked this post because it is great news (printed media is not dead!) and to help spread the word about the magazine ‘Component’ check it out guys!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser #2, Observations: Mabrick one top form again! This time he has analysed the “Force awakens” teaser 2 frame-by-frame. As a mega Star Wars nerd, I enjoyed reading this very much, I missed loads by the way Mabrick, thanks for the info 😀

Falling Out Of Love With The Vita: A literal ‘Dear John’ letter by dudewantshisrug (again! Good work lad) on the sad occasion of a VITA complete failure…I’ll miss mine when it goes to the great console shop in the sky too dude!

The Force Awakens: A history with Star Wars: Belghast has pulled this one out of the bag! A great post about a guy whose love for Star Wars has led to good times, and some bad times. There are a lot of parallels in his tale and in my life! Those prequels (FailFish)…


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