My Ultimate Fighters

…and they are nowhere near as annoying as McGregor.mortal-kombat-xs

This week seen the release of the hotly anticipated (and one of the last remaining few good fighting games!) – Mortal Kombat X. As a long fan of the series, with fond memories of it throughout the years, I decided to ask myself, “If someone made an Ultimate Fighter game, with the best/most known characters of all the popular fighting games, which fighters would I pick?”.

Well, let us answer this question!

3) Ryu (Street Fighter Series)


He just has to be included doesn’t he? Probably the most recognisible character from any fighting game, and one of the most deadly to use – if you use him properly. And no, I dont mean just spam Down, Down – Forward, Forward – Punch. That is just frustrating.


2) Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat Series)


Sub Zero, quite possibly my favourite ever fighting game character ever. There is no better thrill, than fighting some dude who is using Scorpion and just chain freezing him, over and over again! I can hear the rage from here – and it is glorious!

“GET OVER He- *Froze*”

1) King (Tekken Series)


I just had to put King at #1, purely for the fact that as a young child, I used to make Luvva rage so hard by using him. Also, a guy who wears a Leopard mask, while doing wrestling moves?!


Honorable Mentions; Blanka (Street Fighter Series) , D’Vorah (Mortal Kombat X – my go to character in that game right now!)

Let’s play a game readers!

Imagine that this is the start of the Ultimater Fighting game, pick three characters from ANY fighting game and write their names on the bottom (AKA the comment section)!

If we get enough we’ll create a post (maybe a roster page image) of our ultimate fighting game! Also Game title ideas would be great!


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