The most ridiculously priced things in gaming

Continuing on from my last post we’re continuing our journey into the cost of our hobby. today’s post is focusing on the things that are expensive (in everyday money) and those that are just ludicrously priced for one reason or another.

If anyone out there has any of these items, please let me know!

I have no idea what type of person has this type of disposable income, but I’d love to meet one.

Without further ado, let’s look at the “everyday expensive” things. For the record I will be counting anything that is less than half of the average yearly income in the UK (roughly £22,500) as “everyday expensive” a loose definition I agree, but as you’ll soon see, this does not really rule out anything.

You won’t believe some of the asking prices here!

1) Kizuna Encounter (Neo Geo AES Approx. £10,000)


One of the rarest titles in existence – a fighting game from SNK on their Neo-Geo AES system – first released in 1996, there are thought to be only 12 European cartridges in existence; which makes this one of the most collectible games on the planet, and that privilege comes with a massive asking price.

When you think about it this is a strange one, fighting games from SNK are a dime a dozen, you have ‘King of the fighters’, ‘Samurai Showdown’, ‘Art of fighting’ and many, many others! Why in the world would an obscure title like ‘Kizuna Encounter’ be any more valuable?

Well it’s all to do with the history of not only a company but of a genre. The Neo-Geo AES was an incredibly expensive machine to buy (£599.99 in 1990), it was an arcade unit in a home console form factor and it was simply too expensive for many people to buy. It was destined to be a niche format – and it was.

The lack of mass-market uptake meant the home cartridges were always produced in small numbers, which drove up the cost of buying these games (£200) and factor in relatively obscure Japanese targeted fighting games and you have a melting pot of huge prices and massive collectability.

Kizuna Encounter is the result of all these ingredients. A fighting game that pioneered the tag system that every successful fighting game (or near enough – certainly Japanese fighting games) has adopted since you have a historical game with a USP. Want to play Kizuna Encounter the way SNK intended?

Ten grand please.

2) Resident Evil 6: Premium Edition (Approx. £819)


Released only in Japan this special edition was loaded to the rafters with loot and crap us gamers love collecting! If you were willing to drop £819 on a middling Resident Evil game Capcom rewarded you with a copy of the game, the four different covers and also a replica of Leon Kennedy’s leather jacket he wears in the game.

That’s right, you too could wear the clothes of a fashion unconscious generic cop trope!

Whoopee! It was available in four sizes and being for the Asian market, they’d all be too small for your average American…imagine the cost of a xxx-large jacket special edition!

3) Steel Battalion (£200)

originalThis is a thing of beauty! ‘Steel Battalion’ was a mech game from Capcom launched exclusively on the original Xbox, the game could only be played with the proprietary controller that was bundled with it for the low, low price of only £199.99.

This monster had two joysticks, pedals, a dial, thruster and 40(!), 40 buttons! Supposedly this was a big hit in Japan and a moderate hit elsewhere in the world as it was only released in limited numbers. This is the one thing on this list I would have loved to get!

It is stunning!


Expensive eh…

…You ain’t seen nothing yet!

1) Goldstriker Supreme Consoles (PS3 version £199,995)(WIi version £299,995)

wii worlds-most-expensive-video-games-and-consoles-ever.w654

These consoles are made with 22 carat gold, encrusted with flawless diamonds and are limited to 3 ever being made. Furthermore the PS3 version took 3 months to make while the Wii version took 6! That level of dedication and craftsmanship does not come cheap!

The creme-de-la-creme of collectible, ridiculously expensive video game loot!


2) ‘Family Fitness Stadium Events’ (NES £66,000)


This game; under this name at least, existed for less than one calendar year. In fact it existed for so little time, only 2000 were ever pressed. Of those 2000 apparently only 200 were sent out to retailers.

So far all the ingredients for a rare game. It gets rarer yet.

Nintendo bought the rights of the game off Bandai and repackaged it as ‘World Class Track Meet’ and recalled ALL the games back. Rumour has it some were sold before the mass recall and to date there have only ever been a known 5 in existence. A few years ago a boxed version sold in an auction for over £66,000 – that’s a world-class selling point that nobody could (track) meet!

3) The Racing simulator for VRX Mach 4 (approx. £20,000)


This is a top-of-the-range simulator seat, boasting three HD screens, a race seat, carbon fibre construction, a uber powerful pc, surround sound speakers and more (see here for the full list) this is an amazing piece of kit!

For the record this is not the most expensive simulator setup they sell, but it is the only one dedicated to gaming! It is incredible!

What is the most expensive piece of gaming equipment you have ever bought?

Tell me in the comments below!


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