This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (6-12/04/2015)

A good week was had last week! It was the first time that these pages have experienced the sound of 200+ views in two consecutive weeks! It was also the week that our streaming really kicked it up a notch, in three streams I picked up 15 new followers and am now closing in to my target of 150 at an alarming rate!

School’s back again this week and as a result my streaming will revert back to close to my normal schedule!

What have you missed?

Well, here’s the posts from last week, the stream highlights and of course the stream schedule for the next week!

Blog Posts

The Good, The bad and the Ugly: Game Delays  – a new series where I look at the internet’s reactions to news and pick the best, a bad and the worst comments and examine them,.

The best April fools jokes in gaming  – the title says it all really, I look at my favourite jokes throughout the years.

Top 3 Video Game siblings – the triumphant return of MrJohnSherry.

Stream Highlights

This week has been an incredible one for the stream, I’ve had several amazing streams and as a result there is simply too many highlights to list here! I will link to the playlist of my highlights and you can watch them in two handy video players!

Stream Schedule

This weekend will be a busy one, there is a wedding in the family and I will be unable to stream during the weekend! However I have a few longer streams throughout the week.

Monday: 10pm – 1:30am

Tuesday: 9am – 3pm & 10pm – 1:30am

Wednesday: 9am – 3pm

Friday: TBC I’m not sure if Late-night-luvva will happen this week (follow on twitter to stay up-to-date)


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