MrLuvva’s Luv-in #5

We keep reading those posts and the weeks keep on going past us at a rate of knots (seriously, years were a lot longer when I was younger…what happened to the concept of a long year?).

Anyhoo, it’s Sunday and that means I take the posts that I enjoyed the most this week and link you to them.

Please ensure you click the title to be whisked away to words that deserve to be read by your eyeholes!

Have a good week guys!

Furious 7 (2015) Review – Another great review from ThyCriticGuy. The Fast and the Furious is one of my favourite franchises and this was a great review that I agree with 100%, this guys reviews are succinct and on the button! Go read!

Six Favourite gaming Secrets…Or Is It Five? – Cary is swiftly becoming a regular in these posts and here is another fine example of her work. She gives us her favourite 5 secrets in gaming and makes one up…but which one? I reckon it’s the Castlevania one!

Blast From The Past – Guess The Game – From Mabrick over at Mabrick’s Mumblings. This is a post of few words, but it is a trip down memory lane. He has found pictures from a game in his past, I love posts like this because it allows us to see how far gaming has come in a moderately short space of time.

Summer of  “Free” Rentals – From Belghast at Tales of the Aggronaut, here is a story about two kids with an infinite number of summer game rentals, another good post that raised a laugh with me on a few occasions! Top stuff!

#Mv27: The American Dreamcast – By Murf from over at Murfvs. Here Murf is reminiscing about the SEGA Dreamcast, my favourite console of all time! For that alone it is worth a read, however in typical Murf fashion it is a superbly well written piece and deserves your attention.

It’s Time To Stop Calling Bloodborne A Souls Game – By Nick D from over at Mistranslations for the modern gamer. Here Nick is examining what is the correct term for Bloodborne, the arguments against calling it a Souls game or a spiritual successor are very compelling in what is an interesting post. If you are enjoying Bloodborne, or the re-release of Dark souls 2 get over there and give it a read.

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