The best April fools jokes in gaming!

I know, I know, April fools was over a week ago – so sue me guys! I’m an absolute sucker for great jokes, especially when said great jokes coincide with my love of vidya games!


Over the years we have been the butt of the joke from numerous gaming websites, developers and publishers – here are a selection of my own personal favourites.

Playstation Flow: This years joke from Sony tops the list for having incredible production values, it looks almost real! Hilariously advertising their new wearble tech and showcasing their wearable division – a pair of goggles that make swimming sections much more immersive (or should I say, submersive?)! Easily the best joke of 2015.

Titanfall: Optimus Prime DLC: From IGN last year, an absolutely cracking piece of video joking! It follows their tradition of having high enough production value to look legitimate, but also looking shite enough to alert you to the joke! Kudos IGN!

Dying light: Superpowers addon: This one is notable for the fact that while it was a joke, Techland did indeed put it into the game for one day only! Punch zombies into oblivion and watch them fly through the air with the greatest of ease, yet the most violent of pain! Techland – going that extra mile!

Razers Project Mcfly: Razer are not known for their April Fools jokes, but they have created a cracker! It’s 2015! Back to the Future year! Hover boards? No! Hover mice? YES! the video is, again, a joy of looking good enough to be possible while shite enough to remind you of the date! Well done Razer!

The Legend of Zelda movie: IGN again! Shite looking movie trailer, check. This is possibly their best work, many a nerdgasm was popped on 01/04/2008! And many nerds were disappointed! IN YOUR FACES NERDS!

Horse armour being doubled in price: Another joke that was legit. In 2009 Bethesda announced a spring sale – they halved all the DLC for Oblivion…except the horse armour DLC. That doubled! A genius piece of self-reference.

Sheng Long as a playable character: EGM are world-famous for their April shenanigans! And this one from 1992(!) is an absolute cracker.. it’s long and detailed so here’s the wikipedia entry for it!

“It was said that if one could get through Street Fighter II ’​s grueling 11-character roster without taking a hit, and then get nine “draws” in a row vs. final boss M. Bison, the player could supposedly fight against a special character called Sheng Long, who was said to be Ryu’s master.

An ad suggesting gamers look for the April Fool’s joke in the issue of EGM was placed on the same page as the Sheng Long trick. Despite this, most readers didn’t catch on to the gag.

The name W.A. Stokins (“waste tokens”) from Fuldigen, HA (“Fooled again, ha!”) also appears on the page as a runner-up.”

What an effort! Bloody hell EGM!

That’s it for my favourites, what are yours though? 

Comment section is awaiting your input…


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