The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Game Delays

Another new feature? In this series I will be looking at a topic that is hot, and picking some of my favourite posts! I will be quoting and linking so make sure to check them out! These posts will have a question posed of you so do leave a comment 😀


When a game gets announced publishers know that the first question they are going to have to field is “When is ‘game x’ out?”

Nowadays; in the digital age, when a game gets announced it is almost always given a tentative date i.e. “Fall 2015”. Its vague and it gives the developers a four month window with which to polish, QA and release.

However there is an art to announcing a release date, too late and you risk people not caring – the internet will be aflame with comments such as “Why are you telling us this is coming now?!?!!?!?” and “TWO YEARS? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” and of course the cracking out of everyone’s favourite meme:


Announce a game and give a release date that is too early and you risk much more than this…you are risking the franchise, its reputation and its quality.

Personally I would rather that a game gets delayed if it is going to benefit the title and give it a higher quality (it is seldom a bad thing), I don’t mind waiting an extra four months to play a cracking title…it’s better than the alternative:


Already this year we have had three high-profile delays of ‘Zelda’ Wii U (called it BTW), ‘Uncharted 4’ and the most recent of course ‘Quantum Break’. In one of my weaker moments I wondered how the internet was going to react to this news and I searched for “quantum break delay” and read comments.

It did not make for easy reading (although there was some actual rational comments), I will be naming and shaming here, I will link to comments and I will be picking on the best and worst of them and discussing what I think of them. So lets begin:

The Good

Gotcha. I’m slightly annoyed by Uncharted 4’s delay, but that’s only because it was one of my most anticipated games. Of course, if it means a better game then all’s good. And yes, Bloodborne has been tremendous in helping me deal with the delay 😉

From Polygon; to be honest there was several posts there that I could have picked, I liked this one because he says that he is angry at delays, but gives a reason why (excitement) it comes off as a calm, measured and controlled post, well done sir!

The Bad

Valhura CaptJABRONIE

Yeah would people rather they release it broken like BF4, Drive club and Halo MCC or wait until it actually works.

MCC should have been amazing and actually is now what they promised, but ppl have moved on, yes the 4 single player games are amazing and look great but the MP player base is tiny now : ( and the game is dead.

So I can live with a delay or 2 normally, its just normally there are lots of other AAA titles to play, this gen can be summed up with broken games, remastered/remakes and delays. This E3 better be amazing for both Sony and MS or this gen may go down in history as the worst ever”

It actually starts off good doesn’t it? A Rhetorical question to get people thinking, then it descends into speculation, hyperbole and at the end a sweeping generalisation. If Valhura had just steered away from his (presumably) fanboyism (well it was IGN) this may have made the jump to the ‘good’ category.

The Ugly

CarterBrownlee Lennoxb63

This is why MS is ruining the gaming industry. Like when was the last time Microsoft made a game outside of Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable? They keep on buying rights to games instead of funding their own first party studios. Their studios just don’t hold up to the talent of Sony’s and Nintendo’s.

The next-generation has been delayed until the next-generation ie. 2016

The first quote is from IGN (shock! horror!) and the second is from lazy gamer. They have made the ugly list for different reasons:

1) CarterBrownlee has created a “response” to an article that he has clearly made up in his/her head, that comment has nothing to do with the article and just smacks of fanboyism. Hang your head in shame CarterBrownlee

2) FoxOneZA has authored a succinct comment that has no bearing on reality and comes off as your typical privileged gamer who thinks they are owed something…FoxOneZA you sound like a spoiled brat – please stop commenting on articles.

Game delays folks, what do you think of them?

A necessary evil or a pain in the ass?

Have you seen any good, bad or ugly comments on a game delay article or blog post?

Please tell us about it in the comments!


3 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Game Delays

  1. Dom says:

    Delays can be a pain in the arse but can be a blessing. The second PS3 delay lead me to going literally straight out of the house and buying a 360. If it had came out as planned I would have sat on my saved up cash for release and would have missed Halo 3 and 4, Mass Effect and the Gears of Wars games.

    Although back before in the internet game delays were a pain in the arse! I remember getting the Bus into town to get Tekken 3 only to find out it wasnt even out for another 6 weeks!!


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