This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (30/03-05/04/2015)

It is April! This month is the anniversary month of my starting this blog! Since then I have had over 6,000 people come and read my bizarre and; at times, shit mumblings!

I will be celebrating the anniversary by posting up my favourite posts of the past year (especially those I feel got too little views) and updating several of my lists to raise awareness of great streamers, youtubers and bloggers!

Fear not though, these posts will be surplus to our regular (and still perfect record) three posts a week! Imagine a world with more Luvva – what a time to be alive!

As always I will be posting up what you may have missed; although this week has been amazing for the blog! For the first time ever we recorded two consecutive over one hundred views days!

This week was also the second busiest ever!

March was also our second busiest!

Here’s to our second year of blogging! Thank you to all the readers who have stopped by here and read my words, you guys are the best!

Blog Posts

Ridiculously hard difficulty levels in games! – Inspired by the difficulty of ‘Bloodborne’, I look at “easy” games that have one ridiculous difficulty level!

A streamers diary (March) – part 3 of my monthly recap of my exploits in twitch streaming!

Stream Highlights

This week has been all about ‘Bloodborne’, and my highlights show this better than my words ever could. I’m making good progress through the story with four bosses being down and nearing my fifth. I’m making a playlist on YouTube chronicling my boss fights in the hope that someone may find them useful – although I’ve had to co-op a few of them, there are tactics to be found in these videos!

And some stupid death!

Stream Schedule

Last week of my Easter break, so some bonus streams! I love you all that much!

Monday – 10pm – late

Tuesday – 10am – 3pm & 10pm – late

Wednesday – 10am – 3pm

Thursday – 10pm – late

Friday – 10am – 3pm & 10pm – late

Saturday – 10am – 2pm


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