MrLuvva’s Luv-in #4


Sunday again (Easter Sunday to be exact), and the end of our first month with this new series! Jeez; where the hell does the time go exactly?

This week I’ve done a lot of reading, however because I’ve been on the go I’ve not really commented on much – but sleep easy sweet princes and princesses – I have been making notes on my favourite posts this week.

What follows is just a small selection of what I have read, and what I think others should too! So please click each link and give these deserving articles another view!

(I’ve just noticed that the majority of these posts are actually very short, a side effect of my week I guess!)

Sexy or sexualised No.11 – Absolutely hilarious pic from XPChronicles, it literally made me spit out my tea! Go vote on whether the picture is sexy…or sexualised!

VGM of the day: “Leadfoot” from The Crew – Another short post, but one that I agreed with all day long! I was hard on ‘The Crew’ when it was in BETA state but I’ve enjoyed its retail release and the OST is pretty fricking good!

Bloodborne…It’s not a big deal – A good post that looks at the opposite to what I’m experiencing at the moment. Everyone I know is playing through ‘bloodborne’ and the conversation is intense, I’m also streaming it – so to see someone not excited or enjoying the title is an interesting one. The best part is it’s not rantish, just a well-reasoned post!

iTunes Diaries, entry #27: “Strutter” by Kiss –  a great song, a great post. That is all!

PSA: Update your Healing the Masses feed – I’ve picked this just to get the message out! Eri has rehosted her blog, so go follow it post-haste; if not sooner!

Watch_Dogs: Bad Blood DLC review- A Second Chance  – I picked this because it simply is a really good review! It also reflects my own experience with Watch_Dogs, I left it for months and then when I returned loved it! Give it a read!


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