A streamers diary (March)

March was far from my most successful month streaming! In fact it seemed to be one disaster after another!

Hey Ho!

Good months make for poor blogging I guess, the disasters should make this months edition of the streamer diaries more interesting for you guys!


The big news this month for all us streamers was undoubtedly the hacking scandal. Well I say scandal, no-one really gave a shit about it. Anyway twitch’s security was breached and user names, passwords and stream keys were all compromised – this lead to the; now default, internet reaction of rage and panic. Even though, in the grand scheme of things, there are a lot more dangerous things to lose than a password and a stream key! Overall it was a bit of a non-issue and it was easily fixed…

… except it wasn’t! they made a real hash of it!

Personally I was unable to reset my password in chrome and had to use the ever “reliable” I.E. in order to do it. This was after a lengthy discussion with twitch support and several hours of trying different suggestions, as a result I was unable to stream that Monday! “Big Deal!” I hear you scream, and I agree; it wasn’t a major inconvenience.

What was though; as well as a security risk, was trying to change my stream settings and was being directed to random peoples dashboards, loads of refreshing ensued until I was randomly placed in my settings screen. If the word on the internet is to be believed it took them four days to solve this issue. Boy were the streamers pissed at this “neglect of public safety” some even called it (FailFish).

My issues

Unfortunately this wasn’t even my biggest issue this month, I wish it was! Xsplit decided that; after all the issues I’ve had with it, after all the time tinkering with its settings and ensuring that my stream was as good-looking as possible – Xsplit had, had enough! No longer was it going to be a bystander to my streaming empire and no longer was it going to put up with my shit! Xsplit gave up the ghost.

Its glorious death was a multi-stage affair; first it started eating up RAM, then CPU then hanging (yet miraculously still streaming). There were crashes, omg the crashes! These were; not only a daily occurrence, but minute by minute occurrences! Then there was the sound issues, oh dear they were a nightmare, Xsplit would slowly degrade my system sound until it reached the point of incoherence, my viewers couldn’t hear my follow alert or (much worse) my game sound (if it was a PC game). Weirdly though they could hear my voice perfectly and my console game sound, even though all went through system sound. After weeks (I kid you not) of back and forth with customer support (which was amazing; i will say that much) I decided that my time with Xsplit was over.

What now though?

I can’t use OBS, that doesn’t support my Hauppauge Rocket!

The solution

In step my amazing community, they did the footwork for me and alerted me to the existence of OBS Multiplatform (formerly studio) and they said that it did indeed support my capture card! I jumped on it and they were right! Success! Now all that was required was to learn an entirely new system, and to get all my scenes set up so I could make a triumphant return to the twitch scene.

And learn I did, OBS Multiplatform is an amazing program, it uses much fewer resources than Xsplit ever did and; to my eyes, the stream quality has improved! Double win. I did have a slight issue with it closing down when I went AFK (and hiding my facecam and mic) but that was solved with a quick update – thanks to the superb support of OBS. (I hope they put that cheque in the post)

I was back.

The Games

My community also stepped up and made me several overlays and a stream starting screen for my streams and they look amazing! My community is bloody brilliant! It is them that keep me streaming (it certainly isn’t my luck with PC components and programs!)

H1Z1 OverLay

H1Z1 overlay

Stream starting

Starting soon screen

I have also been incredibly busy with getting everything working perfectly, my PS3 is now a doddle to stream (I found a work-a-round to my weird “it won’t display” issue) and I beat ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ live on stream. My PC sound level is also much more tolerable; I’ve been streaming some ‘H1Z1’ and ‘Prison Architect’; both of which are excellent.

The big game I have been streaming though is ‘Bloodborne’ though! Again the community (MunkayMagic) have supplied me with an incredible looking overlay that my gameplay, simply cannot match!


In saying that though I am making seriously good progress in that game, much more so than I ever did in a souls game (4 bosses beat, onto the 5th), because it feels much nicer, combat is fast, brutal and eloquent (wait for the review)! I’ve been co-oping it with several members of my community and love playing it live!

The community

Which brings me to my monthly community update. this month I breezed past my goal of 100 followers; but that landmark was off stream (dammit!) I had a celebration though on stream with my viewers and I took requests for the game to play (Hotline Miami) we laughed and played all night long and I got a little drunk on stream! Good times.

At the time of writing my community is now made up of 126 followers and my streams average a concurrent viewership of between 6-15. Good growth, but I’m all about my community, the more voices I have talking to me the better! I want to entertain and they entertain me and keep me motivated!

Nothing excites me more than that new name in my chat window; the fact that many who watch me follow me is an awesome feeling!

Overall, it’s been a mixed month, I’ve played loads of games, fixed loads of issues and made some new friends…

…still somewhat successful!


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