Ridiculously hard difficulty levels in games!

In the aftermath of the release of ‘BloodBorne’ the internet is aflame with debate! Is it as tough as ‘Dark Souls’ or is it too easy? Some even say that it is not hard at all (although they are just gesticulating and talking bollocks).

It got me thinking, there are some games that have a reputation of being incredibly difficult. And then there are the games that do not have that reputation, but have a difficulty level that…takes the piss, frankly!

This is a list of such games, games I’ve never beaten on these difficulties, enjoy…

“Veteran” (Call of Duty: World at War)


I bet Grandpa Luvva didn’t have to put up with this shit in WWII!

Sure, every ‘Call of Duty’ since modern warfare has had the veteran difficulty, why I singled out this one?

Well let me explain the difficulty further, it comes in the form of two devils:

1) Grenade spam

2) Infinite respawn

Anyone who has attempted this game on veteran knows my pain, every area is bombarded with an infinite chain of grenades, that are thrown with pinpoint accuracy. The enemies can not only throw grenades on your exact location no matter the distance, they are also very gifted clairvoyants who know in which direction you will attempt to avoid the grenades and throw them there too – you run, you blow up. You stay where you are? You blow up! Get used to it peon!

And then you have to deal with your ammo, you crouch behind a wall and pick of Nazi’s at will, but Hitler has an infinite supply of them. You will use your ammo here, you must move.

Playing through Veteran on WaW is nothing but this, running forward hoping that the grenades are behind you and hoping the next check point is around that corner…

…it never is…

…Tanks are!

“Must die” (Devil May Cry)


Fuck this douche and his shitty games! He looks like a knob too!

This fucking mode is one level higher than “Very Hard” and should be renamed “We’re fucking assholes, and we fucking hate you…Difficulty” because I’m pretty sure that that’s how Capcom feel about the people who play ‘Devil May Cry’!

You don’t know what this mode is? here’s a quote from the DMC wikia:

“All enemies gain access to Devil Trigger, which they enter after a set period of time has passed since the start of the fight. Strength and vitality for enemies is also increased”

What is devil trigger I hear you ask, basically it is a rage mode, it increases the MOBs health, attack and defense stats! Basically the game takes its boot, shines it up real nice and kicks you straight in the face, over and over and over again! When you think it can’t get worse, you get to a boss, who is also in Devil trigger!

Basically, the game hates you and all you stand for…

…some dude has beaten it in minutes…


“Grounded” (The Last of Us)


Ike a teenager, I fucking hate grounded!

Every time I think of ‘The Last of Us’ I am filled with a glee, a joy that only comes from being able to experience one of the finest games of all time. Then I think about my aborted “grounded” mode run; and it makes me fucking sick!

“Grounded” mode will pummel you – it will take your teeth as you’ll grind them into dust; hold on, your grind them…


…that’s what it means!

Fuck this mode guys, seriously, fuck it. What it does is simple – quote time:

“Supplies are next to non-existent. Game hints, prompts, and Listening Mode are disabled. All enemies do triple damage. The HUD is disabled. Enemy AI is extremely sharp, more so than survivor.”

When it says “almost nonexistent” read that as “FUCK YOU! YOU WILL GET FUCK ALL IN THIS RUN – WANT TO HEAL? GO PLAY NORMAL PUSSY!”

Where it says “Enemy AI is extremely sharp” read that as “I AM A FUCKING PSYCHIC! A PSYCHIC WITH XRAY VISION!”.

This is what “Grounded” is, and there are parts of the story that feel almost impossible; I’m looking at you generator in the dilapidated hotel!

God I hated this mode, so much… .

…I may try it again.

This is only a handful of difficulty levels I had trouble with.  

What difficulty levels gave you shit?

Tell me in the comments below!

Remember though, it’s only games with a ridiculous difficulty level!


11 thoughts on “Ridiculously hard difficulty levels in games!

  1. Soloing my way through all of the original Halo on Legendary was a ton of fun, but some of the levels took forever. Perhaps the hardest, Truth & Reconciliation’s boarding the enemy dropship section was a huge pain in the ass. I want to think like six sword-holding, invisible Elites greet you. A lucky chain of plasma grenades saved me!

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    • Dude! I remember playing legendary with Dom up above! Great craic was had – but yeah hard as nails in parts – I remember the library – just seemed to last a lifetime with flashpoints of real difficulty (waiting on the plasma doors)

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  2. I love Dmc 3, even though I couldn’t play half as well as I should. Struggled enough on medium let alone Dante Must Die. Only success I had in this game was completing all of the secret missions. And that was annoying!

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  3. I have no idea why people would want to do that to themselves haha – i understand having challenge but those types of play just seem needlessly frustrating for the point of “FUCK YOU THAT’S WHY”


  4. Dom says:

    There was a diffiuclty you unlocked in DMC4 that you killed everything in one hit, but you died in one hit too. It was handy until the half way mark then impossible!!!


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