Mr Luvva’s Luv-in #3

Another week, another luv-in. This week I have been enjoying so much of the communities posts that I’ve actually had a hard time deciding which ones to go for; in the end I’ve put in the ones I enjoyed the most, on a personal level. Be known though it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy your MMO posts guys – I just don’t understand some of them, so many acronyms in some of them.

Anyways, rather than just reading the description here, please click and view these great pieces on the blog…share that love!

Reviewing my Kickstarter History – from the ancient gaming noob – I actually forgot to put this in last week (sorry TAGN) but it’s a great piece that got me thinking (as I recently back ToeJam and Earl too, it seemed prescient).

A return to Writing about the blogesphere – again from TAGN (seriously guys, stop writing quality posts you make the rest of us look bad!) In which they examine posts like this one, community within blogs! Go read!

Project #Murflocke: A Final Flame. #Pokemon – from Murf; the man who inspired this very series of posts! If you don’t know #Murflocke was a written lets play of Pokemon with special rules Murf’s community picked for him…an excellent series.

Chapter 3: Comic 33 – I’ve been a sucker for webcomics since the days of imanewbie and LMG’s webseries is excellent, beautifully minimalist and always with a message, this latest post is another great one! Love it!

One “Blood”Borne Every Minute  – By Karl Weller over at Game, Complain, Repeat. A beautifully vociferous and erudite piece referencing the contemporary affection directed toward ‘Bloodborne’. Hilarious and educational – seriously go increase your vocabulary and read it!

Jurassic Park 2: Should the chaos have continued? – By Hatmonster over at wegameunited. Much like my 7/10 game-a-thon he has delved (very) deep into his backlog and pulled out a 1990s Jurassic Park game…is it a good one though? Go read and find out.

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