Franchises that deserve none of the success they get

In my Liebster post (go read it, interesting facts ahoy!) one of GameIntrospections questions was;

Pick a popular franchise and wipe it from the public consciousness, which would it be? Gaming or not.

And my answer was simply;

Infamous – the most bland of all the franchises in Sony’s arsenal; bland, boring and consistently sells millions. Who enjoys this shit?

But something has occurred since I wrote that answer and I’m asking for a do-over, because guys, I’ve had a revelation. I’m not going to bore you with my revelation in writing; it would seem like a rant and may turn some of you off this post, and that is not my intention. So here is frustrated Luvva, from last nights stream, telling the world his thoughts on ‘Far Cry 4’. Enjoy.

Full disclosure here guys, I’ve never seen the end of any ‘Far Cry’ game, for a number of reasons;

  1. They open the world up too much and as a result the game loses focus
  2. The mechanics are flawed in some fundamental way e.g. driving is a nightmare
  3. In 4 they lock story missions behind side quests…are you fucking serious Ubisoft?

To me ‘Far Cry’ represents everything that is wrong in modern gaming – I’m convinced that the design was created by a “think-tank” in a boardroom in which they tick all the boxes required for a game to be popular. Unfortunately; they forget to hire a games designer and as a result the forth game is a mess of terrible design decisions – literally one after another, they trip over one another to ruin your experience!

Here’s a video rant (admittedly I get carried away – there are worse games – those design decisions though)…

Everyone who has stopped by my stream has stated that “Far Cry 4 is awesome. It’s ‘Far Cry 3’ again, but a little better!” – the laziness of publishers fucking appalls me – to me ‘Far Cry’ is a franchise that deserves none of its success! Sad thing is 3 and 4 sold millions of copies; it is now a bi-annual franchise and I guarantee you that 5 will be “Far Cry 4 only better!” and that will do just “fine”.

Don’t get me wrong it is not alone in doing wrong by us, it certainly wasn’t the first, and it will not (unfortunately) be the last. Here’s a few of the other franchises that I think phone-it-in, every time there is a sequel released.

  1. Infamous – for my money this is the weakest of Sony’s in-house exclusive. The first was a bland “superhero” game with an infinitely unlikable lead character in Cole McGrath. In fairness ‘Second son’ was a step in the right direction (it still makes me sad to think MrJohnSherry gave it GOTY). Sucker Punch have yet to prove to me they can make a genuinely good game! Infamous was in no way a 3 sequel game; I wouldn’t have greenlit the second…
  2. Saints Row (especially 4) – here’s a game that started life as a second-rate GTA, and that title has stayed with it for 3 sequels and a few spin offs. It is also guilty of exactly the same thing ‘ Far Cry’ is! ‘Saints Row 4’ was originally a DLC for 3 but it got bumped up to a FULL RETAIL RELEASE! And by all accounts – it was more of the same; with flying. Go away ‘Saints Row’…please, no-one likes you!
  3. Assassins Creed – it hurts me to say this as I love this franchise (being a History teacher and all that) but my God I’ve been playing the same game since ‘AC II’. I never completed ‘Black Flag’ and never even bought Unity! I suffered burn-out! 2 was a great game I hear you scream, and you’re right – it was, but AC has NOT been great since 2; nor was it great before 2. Did 3 deserve to sell millions? NOPE! It was the worst AC in my eyes.
  4. Sonic –  This breaks my heart! I grew up playing Sonic games, but he hasn’t been good since 3…released in 1994 – let it go SEGA, put down this mascot. Worst thing is every game sells millions of copies – who buys this shit?

These are just my games that I’d love to erase from the public consciousness, the games that deserve none of the success they achieve year-after-year!

And now it’s over to you…what is your franchise that doesn’t deserve its success?

Tell me in comment section below!


3 thoughts on “Franchises that deserve none of the success they get

  1. ” This breaks my heart! I grew up playing Sonic games, but he hasn’t been good since 3…released in 1994 – let it go SEGA, put down this mascot. Worst thing is every game sells millions of copies – who buys this shit?”

    WHAT?! Sonic Adventure (both), Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generations are all excellent games in their own right.

    Everything else you said is accurate.


    • You are entitled to your opinion and I agree generations was decent, however the adventure games started the rot of sonic, by giving us a whole host of unnecessary and unlikeable friends. The adventure sections were also incredibly weak.

      Generations is as good as it’s been in twenty years, but I feel that only worked as it took the good things of sonic and concentrated it into one experience – a best of album – not enough to make up for the crap we’ve played.

      I just can’t help feeling that Sonic is best left to the past – he’s no longer relevant, more importantly he’s no longer average, let alone good.

      Ironically I feel that Alex Kidd is a SEGA mascot that would translate to 3D/modern gaming easily #bringbackthekidd


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