This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (09-15/03/2015)

Another week has passed, almost without incident…I say almost because we had a bit of a SNAFU with MrJohnSherry’s weekly post; the blooming eejit forgot all about it (FailFish)! Thankfully I had my first ever ‘Luv-in’ post ready to go and that saved the weekend from certain disaster (not to mention our perfect record of getting 3 pieces of content out a week)! Phew!

We’ve accomplished a lot this week – Xsplit has been giving me gyp again (a bizarre sound bug that has perplexed the minds over at xsplitlabs if you must know :D) and as a result some streaming time was devoted to troubleshooting. Also with mothering Sunday (in the UK) we’ve lost quite a lot of streaming time…

…anyway lets get to the good stuff – our content from last week and the stream schedule for this week (spoiler alert: it is significantly different).

Blog Posts

Gotta take that Liebster – Thanks EriIn which I answer Eri’s and GameIntrospection’s questions and divulge some info about myself that I wouldn’t have otherwise. There was a revelation here that shaped the rest of my week in posts. I also nominated Cary, Mabrick and LMG to share their secrets/information!

The power of communityIn which I examined the various platforms for building communities in gaming. I also examine my propensity for mostly ignoring my role in these platforms and make a vow to myself and you beautiful, beautiful readers!

MrLuvva’s Luv-in #1: The first of my new series; I highlight five posts that I enjoyed reading over the week! This is an ongoing series so ensure that you do read the posts!

Stream Highlights

A number of things affected the production of these over the weekend, Mothers Day celebrations and time spent ironing out the sound bug (still ongoing).

Stream Schedule

We missed a few streams last week & this week is another crazy one – the weekend is fully booked up and as a result its highly unlikely I’ll be streaming! Keep an eye on twitter though because that could change!

Mon: 10-12:30 GMT

Tues: 9am – 3pm & 10 – late

Wed: 9 am – 2pm

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