MrLuvva’s Luv-In #1

And here we are the inaugural ‘MrLuvva’s Luv-in’ in which I will be highlighting those blog posts that I have enjoyed reading over the course of the week.

The hope with this new series is to raise the awareness of other, awesome, blogs and blog posts!

Without further ado – here’s this weeks posts that I enjoyed! (PS click the titles to be whisked to the words of others).

Game Review: Still life – from over at GamerDame, a very good review of a game that raises a very good point in the opening paragraph – does media alienate new viewers/gamers by putting a number in the title? There’s food for thought and I may tackle it this coming week!

The Coin-Op Question: Which Video game Worlds Should Collide? – A short-but-to-the-point post from over at Play Legit. They pose a question to their community and see what answers they can come up with, at the time of writing there is only two comments! This is a poser that deserves more than that – go there and leave a comment.

Kept you waiting, Huh? – A superb post from Creative Rhino chronicling the influence MGS has had on his gaming life! I can’t help but agree with most of what he said (even if I do disagree about the quality of MGS IV: Sons of the Patriots); this post was a wonderful read!

Finding the Fun in Final Fantasy 14 – From Eri in a post in which she examines MMOs and the fun they offer while she is looking for a particular play style – sometimes it’s the games you don’t follow that surprise you the most and offer what you have been missing.

A Game Reviewers Really Just Egomaniacs? – From Mileson over at What’s your tag! Mileson is looking at the psyche of game reviewers (something that all us blog writers can relate to) and asks if we write for the feed back and to feel important! Another great read!

Thats our lot for this week! Be sure to join us next Sunday for #2 of ‘MrLuvvas Luv-in’ and be sure to check out all those great posts above and leave comments or click that like button!

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