Gotta take that Liebster – Cheers Eri

When I received the notification on Twitter that I had been nominated by Eri over at healingthemasses and gameintrospection for the Liebster; I was completely confused!

What the hell is a Liebster?

A quick Google and I think I have this down! If this is wrong – I apologise – but here goes nothing.

11 random facts about myself..

  1. I am an English & History teacher
  2. I am a compulsive disc sniffer – every time I get a new DVD/BluRay/Game I will smell the disc.
  3. I cannot leave the house in the morning without checking my door is locked, over and over – sometimes it can take up to 10 minutes to leave for work…
  4. …I’ll get halfway to work and worry my door isn’t locked.
  5. I am the messiest person ever – I often find socks in the strangest places.
  6. I hate getting my hair cut; I will not make an appointment for them and just get my hair cut when it will no longer style.
  7. I am too talkative – a simple trip to the shop for milk could take up to an hour to complete.
  8. I have an irrational hate of my bin men – sometimes they arrive too early, others too late and lastly not at all!
  9. I love board games! MrsLuvvaLuvva and I will often play them together.
  10. I have become obsessed with gardening even though I have no garden (only a yard with a couple of potted plants). I will obsess about their care…dunno why lol
  11. I am going to be a father for the first time in June.

Now to get to the crux of the situation; Eri’s questions first me thinks.

  • If you were to be an expert in a singular subject (anything not just regular school stuffz) what would that be?

I would love to have an expertise in something that would further our knowledge as a species.

I’ve always been interested in space but I really don’t have a clue about the science behind it all! I would love to be an expert in that!

  • Your favourite tv show or cartoon when growing up?

This is much harder than I imagined to answer – I loved loads of cartoons growing up, the usual suspects are there of course; He-Man, TMNT, Joyce and the Wheeled Warriors, Thundercats and transformers.

If I was being forced to pick one cartoon (I am) though I’d probably go for Turtles, I was obsessed with those guys for the longest time and they had some cracking games too!

TV show is a no-brainer though Saved by the bell!

  • If you were to be turned into a monster, from any medium or even your imagination what would that be?

A monster that is in control of itself! I’d hate to be a mindless monster.

With this in mind is like to be the xenomorph from alien! It is the perfect organism and why would I want to be anything less than perfection?


  • Favourite mode of transportation in games?

In the halcyon days of the Mega Drive/Snes I would say the humble lift – but only because those levels were awesome! Throwing dudes off the level and watching them fall to their doom was great craic!

Nowadays though its harder – I guess I do enjoy the wingsuit in Far Cry 4; something a bit different and it is a smashing game mechanic.

  • Your favourite piece of merchandise, gaming or non-gaming?

My Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Movie edition that MrsLuvvaLuvva got me a few years back – it does everything Buzz does in the movie (except fly).

  • The music that gets you moving, genre and artist?

I know everyone says this, but my music collection spans a vast amount of artists and genres! The one song that gets me moving everytime I hear it though is ‘rather be’ by clean bandit!

What. A. Song.

  • If you were to punch a historical figure who would that be?

Neville Chamberlain – for lacking the courage in stopping Hitler and preventing a major war.

  • If there was one law you were able to break with impunity which would it be?

The law of physics! Imagine being able to fly or better yet, teleport! That would be awesome, I’d be zipping about everywhere faster than light! Wonderful!

  • If you could bring one mechanic from games into the real world what would it be?

Rewind function from Forza motorsport; not because I’m a bad driver, but because I have a terrible habit of doing stupid stuff  – I’d love a do-over!

Even the guide lines from Forza would do; it would stop me making bad decisions!

  • Draw me personal portrait, and yes paint is acceptable.


 PHEW! Now we can get to gameintrospection’s questions! 

  • What was the original incarnation for you handle and blog domain?

MrLuvvaLuvva is my original online handle. It came from naming myself on xbox live ( a massive decision) while I pondered it I went for a cup of tea, on the TV in the living room was Shaggy ‘Mr Bombastic’ – I though MrLuvvaLuvva was a cracking name so I plagerised it!

  • Being stuck in a small 10×10 room with 100 ducks, or a 20×20 room with 10 wolf sized ducks. Pick one and why?

100 ducks, because they are cute and not at all frightening. Imagine a wolf sized duck! Holy Moley!

  • Which incarnation of your game avatar would you pick to become real, which would you pick to become imprisoned. Add the game you pick from for context.

When I played Ultima Online I had a character called JimmyJoeBob he was the most flamboyant man I have ever met, he shall be granted life.

On the other hand my create-a-wrestler; Jimmy Bob, should be imprisoned; he hurt people in the ring with his piledriver finisher.

  • Were you the big stud in any game, which one and what did you learn from gettin’ so fine at a game?

I’ve mentioned this before on my blog, I was king-dick at WCW vs NWO World tour/Wrestlemania 2K and No Mercy! I was nigh-on unbeatable at those games. The thing I learned from playing them was to gracious in victory – otherwise no-one will agree to play you.

  • Pick a scene from a game that you remember the most. Describe it. Your SO is now the antagonist in the game. How does this change the scene and how does this make you feel?

The scene that sticks out in my head the most is the UFO ending to Silent Hill, it was so fricken funny, if you don’t know what it is – it’s basically a motion comic in which you meet aliens and as you’re asking them if they’ve seen your daughter they shoot you and kidnap you!

If those aliens were MrsLuvvaLuvva, that terrifies me, she knows all my secrets and to think she could be using them to plot the invasion of Earth is sad 😦

  • Which fictional food would you make real, if only for a meal.

Dehydrated Pizza (Back to the future 2) – because, it’s pizza, it’s instant and it looked delicious!

  • Pick a popular franchise and wipe it from the public consciousness, which would it be? Gaming or not.

Infamous – the most bland of all the franchises in Sony’s arsenal; bland, boring and consistently sells millions. Who enjoys this shit?

  • Describe yourself in 3 sentences. The first in one word, second in 3 words, the last in 5 words.

Friendly. Witty and sharp. Caring, impulsive, obsessive and loud.

  • Can you reword or rewrite your last answer into a haiku?

Friendly, Witty and

Sharp. Caring, impulsive, loud,

Obsessive and more.

  • League of Legends? Why or why not?

I have never played it. The height of entry seems too high, I’ve missed the boat on it, and I’m alright with that.

  • Pick a game that you want others to play, and one that you want others to stop playing. Give us a reason.

Deadly premonition is a game that I hard sell to everyone, it’s a game that deserves to be played by everybody. The game I’d make everybody stop playing is Infamous – seriously. STOP PLAYING IT FFS!

I think I can give myself the seal of approval!


Now the fun part – my nominations are Cary, Mabrick and LMG! Have fun guys 😀 here’s my questions:

  1. How did you come up with your online handle?
  2. What game would you choose to play if you were stuck on a desert island (replete with every console ever made and a tv)?
  3. What was your most expensive gaming peripheral?
  4. How much did it cost and was it worth it?
  5. Have you ever; knowingly, ripped someone off by either paying too little for a valuable or by charging too much for anything?
  6. Which antagonist do you most identify with? (any medium)
  7. Which video-game character would you most like to date? Why?
  8. What’s the worst thing you have ever done?
  9. …in an online game?
  10. What dead franchise would you most like to Kickstart/reboot, and why?
  11. Would you rather date the world’s most effeminate man, or the world’s most masculine woman? Explain why.

8 thoughts on “Gotta take that Liebster – Cheers Eri

  1. For a minute I was like “who’s pinging me on WP??” And then I was like “oh, an award!” And from such a nice blogger, nonetheless. I do appreciate the shout out and will respond in kind at some point in the near future. Thank you again and congrats to you as well! 🙂


    • Why thank you Cary! You were the first name that came to my head when I saw my nomination lol!

      Tbh I had a load of fun writing that post – it’s good to pull the curtain back just a little!

      It was also great taking part in the community again! I’ve been far too insular recently!

      Have fun 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. a disc sniffer… ive sniffed a lot of things but i have to say a disc isn’t one of them. I’ve chewed a few though haha
    And i’ve actually been getting into board games recently, the hardest part is just finding people who enjoy that thing as well.

    And car game mechanics would so be my thing. very time I’m driving I just want to let loose and go as fast and crazy as possible, at least with a respawn it would be too bad lol


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