Are we becoming too entitled?

….it’s my IGC and I will cry if I want too.

During the early parts of the week, there was a major gaming internet population collective meltdown. The reason, Half Life 3 announced?

The Last Guardian was finally axed?

Perhaps a new Final Fantasy remaster?!

No, actually, it was due the “late” announcement of Sony’s Instant Game Collection for the month of March.


Everywhere you went, there was hordes of angry pitch-fork wielding mobs, baying for Sony’s blood, “WHERE IS OUR MARCH GAMES?!” “WHERE IS OUR FREE GAIMEZ”. I would have found it mildly amusing, but it was under EVERYTHING Sony posted on their blog or on twitter. I actually felt sorry for the indie developer coverage that the comment sections were just bombared with these absolute nonsensical comments. Even the trailer for the highly anticipated rebirth of Harmonix classic ‘Amplitude’ (which, by the way, looks awesome check it out here –

The absolute worst part of this collective break down though was the claims that Sony was “late”. They weren’t. The games get released on the first Tuesday of every month in North America and every first Wednesday of the month in Europe. The games were announced on Tuesday and they were available on the store before they were announced – which instigated a sort of treasure hunt of the PS Store which was started on NeoGAF forums.

Why do we expect Sony to be perfect on the timings of such – lets face it – pointless announcements. The games were available on time, so they weren’t even late. Why did it cause such a break down? Announcements never used to happen back in the early days of IGC, they just appeared, so why are we all getting so upset over such a minor thing? I would state it as a minor inconvenience but it isn’t even that.

Are gamers just turning into self entitled half-wits? I don’t think so, although there is always that vocal minority who make the rest of us look bad!


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