This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (23/02-/01/03/2015)

And with that another month is gone. The months really do get shorter the older you get!

Just because I’m a little older doesn’t mean that I am going to slow down this blog – oh no dear reader – we have been continuing just as we always have. Once again (for the 10th month running) we have been religious with our 3 post a week policy and have delivered quality post after quality post.

The same however can not be said of the streaming side. This week those pesky gremlins reared their heads and  brought the whole thing to a screaching halt. Damn them gremlins.

Anyhoo, here’s the posts, highlights and stream schedule that you have been hankering for!

Blog Posts

Watch_Dogs: My review – basically what it says on the tin, I completed Watch_Dogs as it was one of my #4IF and reviewed it for you; my beloved readers.

A streamers diary (Feb) – In which I outlined my achievements and actions in the world of online streaming – there is a little technical help in there too – not only is it entertaining but it is educational! It’s entercational!

Couch Co-Op: the new/old king of multiplayer? – MrJohnSherry comes back with a bang! he looks at the games he likes to play in local co-op and attempts to explain why.

Stream Highlights

Unfortunately the gremlins were so bad this week I had to call short two streams! That meant that while I streamed my five times a week, ensuring that I was good to go for this week meant that editing my highlights had to give way.

There are no highlights this week :-/

Stream Schedule

The good news is that I am good to go this week, the whole issue I had last week was caused by an out-of-date driver for my GPU (turns out Nvidia auto-update doesn’t work) and it was stressing my system too much. Now that it is all taken care of, we are ready to entertain you guys!

Mon & Tues – 10pm – 12:30am

Wed – 9am – 3pm

Fri – 10pm – Late

Sat – 9am – 2pm

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