Couch co-op: The new/old king of multiplayer?

…because making fun of someone over voice chat just isn’t the same.


Wednesday sees the release of Arrowhead Game Studios new game ‘Helldivers’ coming on PS4 – billed as a local co-op experience that will get the heart pumping it seems that local co-op is beginning to be taken seriously again. If we couple that game with the 4 player split screen co-op promised by Gearbox Studios in the Borderlands : Handsome Collection.

It seems that coach co-op is making a comeback of Leonardo DiCaprio standard of late 2000.

Couch co-op, the stable of most men’s pre night out ritual.

The part when you assert your dominance over your friends, and achieve things which they could only dream of! Yes, there is no greater feelings than having a person physically in the room as you rain chaos around them in a competitive (or sometimes even co-operative!) local game!

So let’s start off the countdown!

3) Towerfall Ascension – (PS4, Xbox One, PC)


I hadn’t played this game until recently, and to be honest, for a game with simple mechanics it is quite addictive! It is up to 4 player competitive multiplayer, and it is 1 shot 1 kill, last man standing wins! The flow of adrenaline as it comes to the final 2 is crazy for such a simple game. And if you are not quick enough, the environment will also start to close in, forcing a winner within a certain time frame!

Perfect for those bite size matches! Well worth a try if you haven’t tried it already!

2) Halo : Combat Evolved (Xbox, Xbox One, PC)


I was in two minds whether to include this game or not, seeing as it is so old now. But in light of The Master Chief Collection coming out a few months back, I think it is perfectly fine to do so! When this game first came out, I remember me and Mr_Luvva_Luvva playing this game co-op the whole way through, even with the roles defined (I wasn’t much of a driver back in those days!).

Coupled with a great story and a great feel of team work, Halo is a great game to sit down and blast through with a friend with a couple of drinks!

1) Fifa 15 (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360, PS3)


Still to this day, there is nothing that comes close to issuing a demolishing to your closest friends on Fifa. Time for them to put their money where their mouth is, and of course, winner stays on!

Just don’t play online co-op, things can get a little bit crazy! “Why didn’t you pass!”.

What is your favourite local co-op game?

Could couch co-op be making a resurgence?

Would you welcome it?

Or should it remain in the past?


4 thoughts on “Couch co-op: The new/old king of multiplayer?

  1. “Couch co-op, the stable of most men’s pre night out ritual.” Lose the gender, otherwise I agree with this entire post. I am excited to see couch co-op come back, as it also means online gaming that isn’t hellbent on being another esport. I like to kick everyone’s ass as much as the next guy, but I don’t want a degree in League of Legendology to even start competing!

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    • That’s the thing that puts me off MOBAs Murf! There is an incredibly high bar of entry – if you want to compete there is a mountain of research to do into character class (roles, strengths and weaknesses), maps (layouts and best defending/attack strategies) and numerous other things. It’s more work than some jobs. Who’s got time for that?

      Give me a controller, a friend, some “refreshments” and a copy of FIFA everytime! I want to trash talk them, raise my controller (so they can’t see) on penalty kicks, beat them mercilessly and not have to worry about them disconnecting! That’s multiplayer! That’s living!

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    • MrJohnSherry says:

      Thanks man! Also agree with that desperate attempt at trying to be an e-sport, like Evolve, was cringeworthy!

      Only used the “men” part, because well, I am a guy, and I know very little females who game so I was referring more-so to myself and my friends than it being gender exclusive. Probably should have been more clear on that. Thanks for your comments though, very much appreciated ❤

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