This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (15-22/02/2015)

Its been a good week for us here in LuvvaLuvva Towers. For the first time in months I actually had written three posts – MrJohnSherry was too busy this week and I picked up the slack – turns out I still got it! BONUS WIN!

In other news I ended the week with 82 followers on twitch (although for some reason twitch is counting it as 81 – clearly 82). Our next target, and giveaway, will be when we hit 100 followers; so if you haven’t yet followed me over there (shame on you!) nows the best time to do it…I wont hold it against you.

We also had a busy week traffic wise (several of our posts caught the imagination) and as such you may have missed something…so here’s the best of last week, and the schedule of streams for this week.


Blog Posts

Battlefield: Hardline BETA…my thoughts

How should we define “value” when it comes to gaming?

Games that get a lot more hate than they should!

Stream Highlights

There is a distinct ‘Watch_Dogs’ flavour to the highlights this week! I really enjoyed my time on it!

Stream Schedule

Monday: 10pm – midnight

Tuesday: 10pm – midnight

Friday: 9pm – late

Saturday: 9am – 2pm

My #4IF.

I am going to fail my #4IF. Time hasn’t been good to me and I made the fatal error of picking games that have quite substantial run times. I’ve beaten one of the four games (ironically the longest) and I think that I’ll have the time to beat one other, success or failure it has been an absolute blast and I’ve had great fun with my community on twitch!

The Evil Within – Chapter 12; an annoying stealth mission that throws everything at you, is blooming frustrating so I’ve called a hiatus on this game. Most annoying thing is that it would have been completed too!

Deadly Premonition – We are nearing Chapter 3 – we’ve put in over ten hours and I think we can smash this over the next three streams – if that happens – who knows maybe ‘The Evil Within’ could fall.

Resident Evil Revelations – still in the cellophane.

Watch_Dogs – this was beaten, and it was an absolutely brilliant game. We witnessed many bugs (humourous ones thankfully) and enjoyed the story; and my terrible 1 vs 1 hacking ability.

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