Games that get a lot more hate than they should!

No MrJohnSherry post this week – a real shame, he loves the rants. I’m not gonna try to take his place – instead I’ll give you some list goodness.

Since it’s a week from valentines day and MrJohnSherry explored the theme of emotions; I thought I’d look at the opposite of love – hate.


Specifically games that get a lot of aggro and hate on the internet that is not really deserved. Lets get this clear, I’m not looking at games that have a little pocket of haters, I’m more interested in games that have a huge voice of derision on them, games that are universally panned by gamers…without any real need for it.

“Where did you get the inspiration for this article?” I hear you ask dear reader, well let’s just say that my 4 In February has opened my eyes to a few games that would fit this bill. And on that note, let us begin our countdown.

Watch_Dogs (Ubisoft)


You ugly bastard! I HATE YOU!

An open world hacking game in which you are Aiden Pearce; a man on a revenge mission for the murder of his young niece.

Why the hate? Gamers world-wide were outraged by what they viewed as “blatant lies” when it came to the games graphics. Rightly or wrongly Ubisoft premiered the game on E3 2013 and it looked amazing – it genuinely looked much better in the video than it did on release…

Why is this undeserved? Well if you read the reports from gamers they’d have you believing that Watch_dogs was an ugly game – it most certainly was not! It ran smoothly and it looked really good.

Beyond the graphics ‘Watch_Dogs’ actually is home to the strongest story in any Ubisoft game, it moved at a brisk pace and although there were plot twist aplenty it never became bloated or hard to follow. It’s as if they took all the mistakes they made with Assassins Creed and learned from them and as a result I really enjoyed the time I spend in Chicago – the story kept me guessing until the very end,

Imagine that. A Video game developer learning from past mistakes.

Deadly Premonition (Rising Star games)


Low budget bullshit!

An open world detective thriller, set in a Twin Peaks Style american town.

Why the hate? Critics were split on this one, the ones who liked it gave it 7/10 across the board. The ones who didn’t gave it between 2 and 4. Seldom does a game divide opinion like ‘Deadly Premonition’. It’s a game that is ugly, bug-ridden and full of shitty dialogue and inappropriate music cues. There’s nothing to like…

Why is it undeserved? Hiding underneath all of its foibles (and there are many) is an absolutely incredible game! Sure it’s easy, and sure it can drag at times but there is a genuinely good game there. It is suspenseful when it needs to be; it can creep you out at times and it is always entertaining. Swery knew what he was doing here.

The best thing about ‘Deadly premonition’ though is that it is self-aware of its quality. It constantly pokes fun of the things you are asked to do and it never allows a dull moment to pass without comment – but when it gets things right – they are done so right!

It’s a quality game that deserves a lot less hate.

DriveClub (Evolution Studios)


Now its a complete game – it’s actually very good.

A next-gen racing game with gorgeous graphics and supremely good weather effects.

Why the hate? To be honest with you – when DriveClub launched it was half a game, there was no “club” functionality, there was no dynamic weather and there was barely a racing model. It became synonymous withe the recent influx of broken games being released to millions of sales. Gamers revolted.

Why is it undeserved? I’m going to point you in the direction of MrJohnSherry’s review of this game – here – he stated in his review that it was in no way a bad game – and in my circle of friends they all agree!

Now that Evolution studios have added all the functionality it should’ve had at launch it is a superlative racer! The weather effects add a level of danger to the racing which is tight and eventful.

Not the greatest racer ever made but certainly one worthy of your time.

Resident Evil 5 (Capcom)



An action survival-horror sequel to one of the best games ever.

Why the hate? ‘Resident Evil 5’ actually reviewed pretty well (scoring above average) pretty much across the reviews board. However gamers turned against it very quickly, they accused it of ripping off 4 (it did – but why wouldn’t you?) only made worst by having a partner all the time – a partner with no AI (it would seem).

Why is it undeserved? ‘Resident Evil 5’ is still a very strong entry into the franchise, it is an incredible amount of fun when played co-op (how it was intended to be played)! Yes I know the old argument “any game is brilliant when played with friends” and I don’t view that as a valid argument. Games are meant to be fun, and RE 5 is a crazy amount of fun.

Its story is incredibly silly, its bosses are ridiculously massive and grandiose and it takes itself all too seriously – all of this adds to its charm. Give RE5 a chance and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

These are only a few of the titles that could’ve made this list

What titles would you include?

Have you enjoyed a game that was universally panned? Which one?

Tell me in the comments below!


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