This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (19-15/02/2015)

This week has been an absolutely mental one! The tail end of it was crazy – I was working until 11pm on Thursday and had to do it all again Friday! As a result my streaming schedule went right out the window (in fact I only got two streams done this week).

I will be making up that lost streaming time this coming week though! So scroll down to that stream schedule section and see the good stuff!

Enough complaining; here’s the posts and highlights you may have missed this week!

Blog Posts

My year with the PS Vita – In this post I write a love letter to the PS Vita, lets give this console some love.

Awesome boss battles in gaming – Last week I looked at the worst boss battles in gaming, well here’s the flips side to that coin; awesome boss fights!

Top 3 Most Emotional scenes in Videogames (major spoiler alert!) – In his weekly post MrJohnSherry celebrates Valentines day by looking at the scenes in games that are emotional and beautiful.

Stream Highlights

This week was a damned fine one for the stream! We only got two done this week, but in the second we not only met our follower target of 75 but surpassed it and we are on our way to 100 followers!

A big thank you to all my followers on Twitch and here’s to creating one of the best (if not THE best) communities on there!

Stream Schedule

This week is mid-term (i’m off until Thursday) so why not have a few extra streams to make up for last weeks business!

Monday – 9pm – Late

Tuesday – 9am – 3pm

Wednesday – 9am – 3pm

Friday –10 – late

Saturday 9am – 2pm


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