Top 3 Most Emotional Scenes In Videogames (major spoiler alert!)

It’s that day again, MrJohnSherry post day! Oh yeah, it’s also Valentines day.

…right in the feels.

Seeing as it’s valentines day, a time to show that special person in your life how much they mean to you; I thought it would be the appropriate for us to discuss the one thing not much gamers want to admit – the scenes in videogames which left us emotional wrecks. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Special warning, this contains spoilers on ‘The Walking Dead : Season One’ by Telltale Games, ‘The Last Of Us’ by Naughty Dog.

3) The Giraffe Scene – ‘The Last of Us’ by Naughty Dog.


Hope is more powerful than fear

It had come to a point when all hope had seem lost, and you have just fought your way through hordes of infected enemies, and there comes a moment of solace when Joel and Ellie are staring out onto a peaceful scene. Mother Nature has started to reclaim back parts of the city, and that’s when it happens.

Out of nowhere 4 giraffes just start walking through the greenery. In a place where there was no hope, here where these majestic creatures, feeding on the trees. In a game where all hope seemed lost, this made me think of how lucky we are to share this planet with some amazing animals and creatures.

2) Lees Death Scene – ‘The Walking Dead: Season One’ by Telltale Games.

we’ll miss you too!

After going through 5 episodes of hardship, Lee trying to protect Clementine and be a father figure to her, the emotional journey hits home; and by god does it hit home! After killing a walker, Clementine turns to discover Lee prepped up against a wall; he has been bitten!

Clementine is pleading with him not to leave her, demanding he doesn’t turn into one of the monsters. Lee is trying to reassure her, and the struggle this scene had me as I struggled to pull the trigger to end his pain. ‘I’ll miss you Clem.’

1) Sarahs Death Scene – ‘The Last Of Us’ by Naughty Dog.


Why you do dis Naughty dog?

After the game’s opening sequence, showing us how close Joel and Sarah are, the frantic nature of trying to get out of the city has you feeling like you are actually trying to protect your daughter. So, after Tommy is holding back the horde of runners in pursuit of them, Joel and Sarah come across a lone soldier in an embankment. Joel is pleading for their lives, but the soldier recieves his orders. As Joel realises what is happening he turns to flee, but the soldier has opened fire. The soldier approaches Joel as he lies on the ground, and just before he gets the chance to kill Joel, Tommy comes to the rescue and kills the soldier.

Hoorah! Joel and Sarah have a new chance to escape!

Or so we thought. Tommy notices her laying on the ground and Joel scurries across the turf to her, as she lies on the ground. Joel cradles her in his arms, pleading with her to hold on but she sadly passes away in his arms.

I won’t lie, this scene got me pretty damn good, and I was left dumbfounded by the whole thing as the game titles rolled; this was just the beginning. I never thought a game could have an emotional impact on me the way The Last of Us did, but it was one I wish I could erase from my memory and go in fresh again.

Honourable mention (added by MrLuvvaLuvva)

Jennys Murder – ‘The darkness’ by Starbreeze Studios

Jenny Romano

why couldn’t we save you?!

The Darkness was an early title on the Xbox 360 and it was really rather good! You controlled Jackie Estacado, a mafia hitman in New York City, after being targeted for a hit Jackie finds himself at war with ‘Uncle Paulie’ – the crime boss.

Luckily for Jackie his family has been possessed by a demonic entity known only as the darkness.

Unluckily for Jackie, after the darkness saves his life (by killing a load of Paulie’s men) Paulie seeks revenge by not only murdering Jackies girlfriend, but making him watch, helplessly.

The scene is compounded by the fact that earlier in the game you spend (literally) 10 minutes watching TV with her and listening to the dialogue between a young couple who are obviously very much in love. During the murder scene Jenny cries for help and you are powerless to save her – a real subversion of everything we know about games (we must save the damsel in distress)! It’s a brilliantly poignant reminder that games can move you better than a movie can; when it’s done right!

Be honest now, has a game ever reduced you to tears? Which one?

What is the most emotional game scene you’ve ever seen?

Why not tell us in the comments below!


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