This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (26/01-01/02/2015)

It has been a mental week! Real life encroached on our post and stream schedules! In saying that though we got out our three posts and 5 streams; barely. It’s been a real struggle this week, but life returns to normal (as normal as it gets anyway) this week and we will be on track and on time once more…ever reliable we are!

On schedule, your recap fix for the week, featuring what you may have missed, stream highlights and my stream schedule for the week. Enjoy.

Blog Posts.

Alien:Isolation – a review – In which I review my game of the year 2014 – spoiler alert – it’s a very good game. This review is still worth a read though folks so get on it!

Shadow of Mordor – a review to rule them all – Another review this week (a lot of games have been played over the Christmas holidays) and again it’s another hit from 2014 – what did I make of the gore and nemesis system? Click the link and find out!

The Pros and Cons of Twitch TV – in his weekly post MrJohnSherry examines the makeup of your typical chat room. What sort of viewer are you? Have you made the world of online streaming a better one?

Stream Highlights

It was a good week for my streams, we’re closing in on 75 followers and we had some superb banter at the same time – here’s the tasty cuts.

Stream Schedule

Over the past few weeks the channel has been getting more and more follows! Come watch me play games (badly) and help me on my quest to 75 followers! This week I’ll be playing ‘H1Z1’, ‘The Evil Within’ and hopefully start ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’! It’s going to be a real horror-fest over at my twitch channel.

Monday: 10pm –midnight

Tuesday: 10pm – midnight

Friday: 10pm – midnight

Saturday: 8pm – 1pm


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