This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (19-25/01/2015)

Another busy week here (incredibly busy actually – my posting schedule has been up the left) but we’ve made it through and come out the other stronger; and more willing to entertain than ever!

Here’s what you missed last week; and what you have to catch up on before this weeks’ content attacks your eye holes tomorrow!

Blog Posts.

Evolve BETA…our thoughts – In which I gave you my updated thoughts on the state of play in Turtle Rocks’ new IP (spoiler alert – there’s opinion in here).

My treasured gaming memory – A Recipe.- Inspired by – I look at the constituent parts of a strong gaming memory – reminiscing occurs about a long lost MMO (that’s right I posted my first EVER post about a MMO!).

It worked fine when we had it… – In which MrJohnSherry dishes out the blame on the spate of broken/ unfinished games that release!

Stream Highlights!

Just the one for you this week – as I eluded to in my intro – i’ve been dead busy this week – and something had to give! I’ve uploaded the entire stream to youtube so check out the channel for witty banter! This highlight however is an absolute cracker!

Stream Schedule.

Monday – 10pm – Midnight

Tuesday – 10pm – Midnight

Wednesday – 9am – 2:30pm

Friday – 10pm – Late.

Saturday – 10am – 2pm



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