It worked fine when we had it…

…you guys must have broken it!


AC:U was a right mess…who’s to blame for games being released in shoddy form?

To continue on from; my quite fun rant, last week; I think we should delve a little deeper today – whose fault is it for broken games these days?



The consumer?



Oh Skyrim why for you run at 5FPS?

For me, it is far to easy to blame the developers. Sure, there are some notoriously bad developers out there who don’t seem to care about their consumers at all – like Bethesda games on the PS3, did Skyrim EVER get fixed? Not all of them are like this though, the majority of developers want to see their games do well, after all, that is how studios grow and they make their money. I am going to stick up for them a bit, developers are usually under huge pressure from not only fans, but from where I think the main problem lies …

Usually eager to make their initial investments back, publishers give their developers usually unmeetable deadline dates, resulting in broken games and ultimately job loses and closures of studios. Of course some developers demand a lot more respect due to previous work (CD Projeckt Red, Naughty Dog), but a lot of smaller studios or pressurised teams fall on their sword a lot as we have seen towards the end of last years releases (DriveClub, Assassins Creed). They are also the reason for stupid pre-order bonuses, resulting in many features being ripped from the base game, like a multiplayer mode. This is not good news for…

The Consumers
…Us, the consumers – why do we let this happen? A lot of us have a massive say to pre-order bonuses and broken games when they are released, but do we actually do anything about it? There is a small vocal minority who do vote with their wallets, and refuse to support these practises. But why don’t we all? After the mess of a release of some of these games, will we really abstain from buying the next Assassins Creed or DriveClub 2? Probably not, and that’s the worst thing of all.


US…November 2015 – Assassins Creed: Victory midnight launch

We can all vent our anger on Facebook, Twitter and official forums for these games, but when the money is still rolling on, they will never change? After all, why should they? They are getting the same amount of money, for less work – RESULT!

Have you purchased Assassins Creed: Unity, Driveclub or anyother ‘broken’ lanch in the past year?

Do you regret your purchase or are you perfectly happy with it?

Have you ever boycotted a developer or a publisher after being burnt with a shoddy product?

Tell us in the comments below! 

6 thoughts on “It worked fine when we had it…

  1. we are definitely to blame here in pre ordering products we have no idea about, and a lot of the time end up broken. If we collectively stopped such things I’m guessing it would change a little.
    Of course I believe it is mostly the publishers though. Pushing dates, making the plans and of course crunch time development that always ends in shoddy work. They’re the ones abusing the system and pushing all the pre order, day one dlc nonsense too


    • I agree with MrJohnSherry here! There is a cumulative blame to be applied here! WE forget that these companies; while they are in the business of entertainment. they exist to make money.

      Publishers will try to cut costs in an effort to reap more profit and over the years they have tried different tactics (remember the Horse Armour in Oblivian) to guage what are acceptable shortcuts.

      Over the years gamers have let their standards slip and now we are paying the price of our hubris; games are literally being pushed out the doors in an unfinished state and yet they are selling millions (AC:U outsold Black Flag – crazy!). The more we buy these games the more games that’ll be released unfinished!

      Don’t get me started on ‘Dying Light’ “physical copy delay” – to quote Duncan Ballatyine “I’m out”


      • To be fair to Techland, I don’t blame them for the physical copy delay. They are a small studio and are distributing it themselves – makes you wonder why WBStudios aren’t helping them? Too involved in Batman most likely – shame.

        Also, they are giving ROW Physical copy buyers free DLC to make up for the delay, so they are atleast trying to appease their fanbase.

        I wonder what would happen if we did vote with our wallets and stopped pre-ordering, studio closures? Studio staff reductions? IP’s ceasing to exist? It has got too deep now for it too change IMO.


      • It is a sad state that many are complicit with but even thoguh it is making money for them, and a lot I can’t help but think it’s damaging gaming in some way. People are becoming increasingly angry and wary within the market. The reputation of many of these great companies and franchises is taking a nose dive too. It will reach a breaking point eventually.


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