Evolve BETA…our thoughts


Several months ago I played the ‘Evolve’ Alpha test and came to the conclusion that it was good with some minor caveats; but the game definitely had potential (you can read that article right here)!

In case you don’t know what ‘Evolve’ is here is a video of some gameplay.

Now that we’ve had the BETA let’s see if my thoughts on the game have changed and if it’s any closer to fulfilling its potential.

The Good.

There are a lot of things to like in ‘Evolve’ first thing is it’s gameplay – it’s new, exciting and feels utterly unique. When you get a team of players who all know how to play as their chosen class and are willing to communicate with one another it is exhilarating. Turtle rock have successfully created the thrill of the hunt – when you know you are tightening the net around the elusive monster adrenaline kicks in and you get excited and it is great fun!

The classes and the weapons/abilities of the playable characters are well-rounded and feel unique to one another. This is especially important as it allows the players to create teams consisting of the classes they need to take down the monster they’re facing; adding to the tactical side of the game.

The monster designs and load-outs are exceptionally well designed. All three of the creatures in the BETA are unique threats and taking down each one requires a lot of communication, skill and a little luck.

I said it in my alpha thoughts and I’ll say it again – I can really see ‘Evolve’ becoming an e-sport.

On a technical level Turtle Rock Studio’s have (mostly) excelled, their game looks beautiful, runs butter-smooth (on my rig it ran 1080p 60FPS), is well-balanced and there appeared to be no problem with match making at all! Turtle Rock have loaded the game with all the tools that could create a game that is genuinely never the same twice – unlimited potential and unlimited longevity; in theory. At any stage of development this is incredible! But at BETA stage it is hugely encouraging and gives me every confidence that the full release will not be a broken mess!

Turtle Rock Studios have created hunters (8 of them!) that each have a unique personality and add to their back-stories! The scenes as you drop into battle are often full of top-notch dialogue that will cause you to grin, laugh and enjoy yourself! Basically the game has…

The Bad.

Although Turtle Rock Studios have balanced all the classes, weapons and abilities of hunters and monsters – I found games always play out in one of three ways:

1) The monster decimates the team in 3mins

2) The team decimates the monster in 3mins

3) A game of cat and mouse plays out of 20mins and ends in a hunter win

While this is all well and good – it gets very repetitive, very quickly! I played about 4 hours over the weekend and felt that I had seen all the game had to offer. I understand that as players get used to the controls, mechanics and limits we will see more inventive tactics (both hunter and monster) which will lead to far more outcomes but at this moment people have found systems that work (more often than not) and will stick to them rigidly. Turtle Rock have given gamers the tools for limitless options, it’s up to us to use them…if we don’t I fear for the longevityof ‘Evolve’.

There is already an unusually high number of griefers already in the community – I didn’t get much time playing the BETA and a lot of my time was spent dealing will them. In one game our trapper set his trap off right at the beginning of the round – this led to the monster running round and leveling up – when we finally came face-to-face his/her trap separating us from the monster. Due to one person the round was ruined for everybody and the most frustrating thing about this occurrence is it was not an isolated incident – it happened a number of times! I don’t know how Turtle Rock Studios intend to deal with this but hopefully there are some actions players can take to combat griefing in all its forms.

The gun play STILL lacks any form of feedback to the player – it feels weightless and unsatisfying.

People still seem adverse to communicate with one another (WHAT’S THE POINT?)

Final thoughts.

‘Evolve’ has everything it needs to be a great game, if Turtle Rock Studios can solve the little niggly issues I can see no reason why ‘Evolve’ won’t be a massive hit!

In saying that however – the responsibility is now on the community to make this game the success it really should be! People have to be willing to communicate with one another to strategise, heal, resuscitate and work together; there also needs to be some sort of option to help deal with griefers!

Will I buy ‘Evolve’? Almost certainly! However I will wait a few weeks to see how the community is evolving (I won’t apologise for that pun) if it is becoming one where people are co-operating with one another and creating a game that is truly unique then I will buy! If it is becoming a griefers paradise, I will leave it.

Did you play the Evolve BETA?

Do you agree with my thoughts? or do you disagree completely?

Tell me in the comments below!


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