This week at LuvvaLuvva Towers (12-18/01/2015)

Wow another week done! We are quickly coming up the end of our full year on the blog and it is showing no sign of slowing down! Which is awesome!

This week see’s us make the first big change of 2015! This week we will be giving you the weeks posts and my streaming schedule as usual; but we’re adding embedded videos of our streaming highlights!

If you want to see them then scroll down and press play (don’t forget to follow me on twitch to see these live)!

I do have a question for you guys; the readers, would you like more video content on these fair pages? If so please tell me in the comments!

So lets see those delicious, delicious posts, stream highlights and stream schedules!

Blog Posts

Our most anticipated game of 2015 – MrJohnSherry and I pick the title that we are most excited about in 2015

Anticipated games that will miss 2015! – Not all games will make it out this year – I pick my three most likely candidates that will miss December 31st.

The problem with preorder bonuses. – In his weekly post MrJohnSherry investigates the retailer-specific preorder bonus.

Stream Highlights

Stream Schedule

Monday – 10pm – 12am GMT

Tuesday – 10pm – 12am GMT

Friday – 10pm – 12am GMT

Saturday – 9am – 2pm GMT



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