The problem with preorder bonuses.

In his; now weekly post, MrJohnSherry has been annoyed by several big name video game retailers – they have dictated to him where he can buy his desired games and how much he’ll have to pay for said goods!

Needless to say – he isn’t best pleased!



… I have no idea what’s going on.

Game pre-orders, probably the most frowned upon action within the gaming community, but we all do it don’t we? We all get so hyped for a game that grabs our attention, and we want to throw at money at the developer at the earliest possible moment!

I personally don’t have a problem with this, it’s your money, you can do with you like with it, if you don’t want to wait for reviews – then don’t (I do this all the time, sometimes I have regretted it, others not so much). This isn’t what this article is about however, let’s talk about the scourge of “store exclusive pre-order bonuses”.


Ok, so recently I pre-ordered ‘Dying Light’ for the PS4, for which the developer Techland has said that all pre-orders will recieve “Be A Zombie” mode.

Awesome, right?




You see, Amazon is the only online retailer who seemingly have this bonus game mode for pre-orders. Not only that, but they have a “standard” edition, which is £5 cheaper but seemingly does not come with the extra mode. I have scoured the internet for answers, and can’t seem to find one. So, as I have pre-ordered via an alternative online retailer, I have no idea if I will gain access to this mode, even though Techland said all pre-orders will.

Pretty damn confusing.

This isn’t a recent problem though, over here in the UK, stores such as GAME have been getting mostly cosmetic bonuses for pre-orders, as well as complete exclusivity to selling Collectors Edition version of many highly hyped games. Meaning, if you want it, be prepared to spend a hell of a lot of money; as GAME can charge you whatever they please!

For Dying Light, GAME get what is known as the ‘Only at GAME Edition’ (Yes, I am being completely serious here! Click to check it out) which comes with 3 different cosmetic pieces and 3 weapons for the game. However, these can also be obtained via the season pass. So if you buy the game via GAME, then buy the season pass – is a part of your season pass now useless and of less value? What’s the point in buying this version if you can get it through the season pass anyway? Can players get a refund on these digital purchases? Fat chance!

Personally, I can’t stand bonuses to certain stores, and it is the main reason I will not be buying the Nightmare Edition for Bloodbourne (which again, is exclusive to GAME, and will set you back £99.99). Not only is it confusing as hell but it also kills competition in the market, and we as consumers are the ones who suffer.

Who benefits from these retailer specific pre-order bonuses?

How can gaming allow such anti-consumer practices?

Will it ever end?

Have you been forced to buy a game in a store you would never visit?

Tell us in the comments!


4 thoughts on “The problem with preorder bonuses.

  1. Yeah, I have managed to avoid preorders altogether since their bonuses have been largely cosmetic and I have zero interest in collectibles from collectible editions. Now that they are moving into exclusive levels/characters/modes though, it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid preorders for SOME games but also also hard to get all the exclusives they are offering!

    I hate to see rewards advance much further. I know I read an article a while back about our American equivalent to GAME looking to help fund/develop their own exclusive content for preorders. Basically, they’d work hand in hand, and money in the publisher’s pocket, to create more compelling preorder bonuses to further generate sales.

    Pretty scary concept, really!


    • I agree with Sherry in that retailer-specific dlc is an absolute joke! But i had no idea about retailers paying devs to create specific content! It is terrifying to think of the implications of that act!

      I cant think of another industry that is as anti-consumer (at times) as gaming – companies seemingly want to alienate their fans at any given opportunity – bizarre behaviour.

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