Anticipated games that will miss 2015!

You know the score, games get announced, games get delayed and others; well they get canned!

This is a metaphor! Imagine the man is a game. Now imagine the bus is 2015. HIGH BROW SHIT!

As you’ve probably noticed (in our games list posts here and here) 2015 is shaping up to be an absolutely outstanding year for us gamers! It is also shaping up to be an incredibly busy year with major releases; seemingly, every month! It’s inevitable that developers will miss their release date due to unforeseen problems, technical hitches and not wanting to go up against ‘Call of Duty’ in November.

Here’s three games we think will miss the year – with a handy explanation of why we picked them!

3) Star Wars: Battlefront 3 (XO/PS4/PC)


This game looks nearly finished! NOT!

What is it? The long-awaited (and twice cancelled?) third-person shooter threequel to the critically acclaimed Star Wars spin-off of battlefield!

What have we seen of it? Concept art, a rendered storm-trooper helmet, test footage and a video of the developers going on nice holidays as “research”.

Why we think it WILL miss 2015 – Aside from the fact that this game has been cancelled as much as Futurama and it’s been a decade since the last entry into the series AND there seems to be nothing of the game actually done. We feel this is a safe bet to miss 2015!

In fairness though of the games on this list – this could be the one to be released regardless of the state it is in – simply because there is a new movie this year (excited squeal)! If we were to put money on a game to be released broken; this is the one. We’re optimistic though and we believe that EA has learned from ‘Battlefield 4’s broken launch (and first 6 months) and will work on this until it is ready.

2) Mirrors Edge (XO/PS4/PC)

Mirrors edge 2g

That’s a mighty fine tattoo you got there

What is it? The sequel to the most-loved game that nobody bought – and according to MrJohnSherry – the game that nobody (except me) cares about!

What have we seen of it? A video of the developers talk about gloves, movement and the world interspersed with free-running real life antics and some pre-alpha gameplay of Faith punching people in the face in an empty world – OH and Faith getting her eye-tattoo!

Why we think it WILL miss 2015 – To be honest EA’s E3 2014 was a mega-disappointment; nothing but announcements of announcements (the bane of the games industry) – but this one got me so excited! I LOVE ‘Mirrors Edge’!

There is a caveat here. This announcement smacked of a method of gauging public excitement and support of the product! They literally had nothing substantial to show of the game and it wouldn’t surprise me if the game didn’t (or still doesn’t exist). This is an  awfully pessimistic attitude I agree; but ‘Mirrors Edge’ was originally intended to be a major franchise for EA and it was a gigantic sales flop! I would not blame them for never visiting the world again – I sure hope they do though as the internet caught fire with people (myself included) stoked and excited at the prospect of running over the roof-tops as Faith and sticking it to the man!

If there is a game being built it will not see 2015 but…please EA make this game happen – i’ll wait until 2016!

I’ve no choice!

1) Zelda (Wii U)


Pretty open-world Hyrule! I long to wander through your field!

What is it? An open world Zelda! That is all that needs said.

What have we seen of it? Apart from numerous screenshots, we’ve seen Miyamoto play the game – I say play – we saw him ride Epona through a forest and parachute from a high mountain! Apparently Epona will never hit a tree – so…that’s good…I guess.

Why we think it WILL miss 2015 – Aside from Nintendo’s aversion to confirming it for 2015 (nothing new there) this game looks so early in it’s development. In the video there is actually very little real gameplay and aside from vague promises there were no real mechanics discussed what-so-ever. I’m going to make a wild assumption here I’d say that Zelda is, AT MOST, 30% complete – no way we’ll see it before December 31st.

To further the flames of the theory that this game missing 2015 is the simple fact that ‘Majora’s Mask’ is being remade for the 3DS and HAS been confirmed for Feb 17th and I cannot remember a year that had two Zelda titles.

Furthermore – Nintendo have stated that Star Fox will be out before Zelda – and considering we’ve literally saw some blurry footage of that game (even less than Zelda even) we can confidently state right now that Zelda is gonna be 2016!

If you had to pick one of these titles to get released this year; which would you pick?

Tell us in the comments below!


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