Our most anticipated game of 2015


Over the past few posts I have been giving you videos and descriptions on the games that are coming in 2015! Later in the week we will be picking a handful of titles that we feel will miss the turn of the calendar (i.e. will not be out in 2015)!

Today however myself and MrJohnSherry are picking our most anticipated title.

The rules are simple:

1) We are allowed to pick one title only

2) Explain why in no more than 300 words.

MrJohnSherry’s Pick.

…Put it in my veins!

Ok, first off let me just say, that my most anticipated game of the coming year is not going to be highly original, in fact – it is probably one of the most hyped games for the coming calendar year. Bloodbourne (PS4). Let me start off by saying, I am not the biggest fan of the Souls’ series, in fact, Demons is the only game to date that I have finished. This wasn’t a problem with the game mechanics or the harsh difficulty though, it is more to do with the setting. You see, as a young teenager, I absolutley adored the fantasy setting – delving countless of hours into games like ‘Baldurs Gate’ and ‘Neverwinter Nights’. So much so that I think I have actually burned myself out on the genre, after really not enjoying games such as ‘Skyrim’ and much more recently ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’. They aren’t bad games, I just feel like I have been there and done that.


This is Hallowe’en! Actually no, it’s just neo-gothic architecture!

So it is a hugely refreshing that Bloodbourne has went done the ‘Steam Gothic’ route, with new weapons such as guns to compliment the much more traditional Swords and over-sized hammers. It is also reported to be a bit more forgiving than its predecessors, which isn’t really a big deal for me – I don’t mind the challenge, but it could help if you found past titles aggrevating rather than fun or challenging. Also, the ever-changing Co-Op dungeon is a game changer, giving the From Software titles actual end game content, rather than New Game+, New Game ++ etc. I think it is time I finally delved properly into a From Software title, and Bloodbourne looks to be the first title from them which has got me thinking about nothing else.

MrLuvvaLuvva’s Pick.

To be honest I’m going to mirror MrjohnSherry’s sentiments by saying; off the bat, that I’m selecting a game that is going to be hyped to the balls!

The game I’m picking is…



…Tom Clancy’s: The Division!

The hype train has pulled up at the platform and I am jumping aboard!

I cannot wait for this title! The reason I’ve picked this is the videos Ubisoft have shown so far look very promising – needless to say this game is a team based resource collecting shoot’em’up set in a persistent world in which you will compete with other divisions (both CPU and player controlled)! You can bet your bottom dollar shit will get real!

People have been pretty down on Ubisoft recently; rightfully so, they have fluffed several big releases this year! To dismiss ‘The Division’ is crazy. Don’t forget how Ubisoft have adopted a risky strategy of-late and released titles that are as ambitious as they are buggy!

Hopefully ‘The Division’ is the culmination of everything they have learned from Assassin’s Creed’, ‘Watch_dogs’ and the ‘Crew’.

I want to play a game with my friends, go out looking for supplies and have a unique experience each and every time. I want the players to team up with and against me, ambush me, provide support for me and to create the narratives – not some hack with a typewriter! I want to be able to look other divisions in the eye and say “I OWN THIS FOOD!” – God dammit I want ‘The Division’ to be everything I hope it is!

In saying all this I really want an update on the development of it because I feel that there are several features that will be removed (case in the point the companion app) as they are so out of vogue due to developers not utilising them correctly (Bungie I’m looking at you)!

If Ubisoft can achieve a half of what they want, ‘The Divison’ will be something very special indeed, and I want to be there – day 1.

What is your most anticipated title of 2015?

Do you agree/diagree with our picks?

Tell us in the comments!


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